League of Legends: The Climb


First things first, I would consider myself a below average skilled player in League of Legends. So my opinions are based purely from my point of view and would not claim them to be the best way. Only recently have I completed provisionals and placed into Gold V. In fact, I only started playing recently for about two months after being on hiatus for about a year. In this post, I would touch mainly on what is the current overpowered champions on the rift and my experience with the provisional matches. Currently I main playing top and has been consistently playing Garen(which is pretty overpowered). However, he’s currently getting banned more and more often which meant that I had to resort to play other viable top laners like Malphite or Shen. Basically the style of champions, if you notice from those three, are tanky with each specialising in another area: Garen(damage from op-ult), Malphite (High cc) and Shen(global presence, split pushing).

Provisonal matches

The majority of us who do not belong to the elite level such as diamond or challenger will agree that provisional matches are super important. Doing well will save you lots of time trying to climb through the Bronze/Silver tier which are packed with all kinds of trolls. You get tons of immature players who resort to intentional feeding or even rage quitting when the game does not seemed to go in their favor. Sometimes the game could even be lost because two players wants the same role and both do not want to give in, which means you can end up with situations like 3 ADC(marksman) on your team. Those are some of the factors that contribute to you losing whereby no matter how well you performed, you are likely going to lose. Hence there exist the term called elo hell, where once your elo drops so low to the point you are in a pool of toxic players which makes it very hard to get out. Below, I will elaborate on some tips to enhance your chance of winning in ranked games.

Some random tips for rank

1. Always make sure your internet line is in good condition. Heavy lags and frequent disconnection is definitely gonna doom your game especially if you are playing combo or skill shot based champions such as Riven or Lux. If you feel the starting up of your client is more sluggish than usual, do a ping test or even run a custom game to make sure.

2. AVOID CONFLICT AT ALL COST. Even if your teammate is really bad, encourage them. Insulting them isn’t gonna make them better so instead try to offer some tips on how they should play, such as laning mentality and itemization etc. If you were on the receiving end of insults for playing badly, the best way I believe would be to mute the person and stay quiet. Focus on trying to recovering the game rather than wasting time on words of fury, LoL is not a game of words or a place to vent anger.

3. Try to main in one position and play only the champions that you are very confident with. Unless you are the jack of all trades kind of player (which honestly you wont need these tips anymore if you were one :P), do stick to a lane and learn to dominate it. If your main champion is often banned, like Garen was in my case was, always make sure you do have some alternatives rather than being a one trick pony.

4. Always ward up no matter what! Often times you would see players not warding even though their trinkets are off cooldown which happens in lower tiers. Often times vision is a life saver and it also enables you to play more aggressively and push further in your lanes. Remember to also ward up objectives as you wont want your opponents to steal baron/dragon under your nose.

5. Map awareness and playing mentality. Most of the problem with lower elo players (including myself sometimes) is the lack of map awareness. Honestly it is very important to be aware of whether there is an incoming gank, fights on other lanes and especially missing opponent on other lanes. Constant reading of the mini map is crucial to these as knowing the location of your opponents contributes towards how you should approach each lane. Let’s say for example you are playing mid, and you spot the enemy top laner and jungler are not on the map, you should play passively and stay close to your tower. Say all 5 opponents are pushing your bottom lane but 4 of your teammates are able to match them well, then push your lane ASAP to gain toward advantage. Knowing the matchup of your champions with the opponent you lane against as well as gauging their skill would also contribute towards the type of mentality you should have to control your lane.


What are your thoughts?

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