Anime Review : One Punch Man


One Punch Man

Recently I stumbled across this anime on my social media and decided to give it a try as the shiny bald superhero looks amusing, and amusing it was. Never have I laughed so hard from an anime and it’s not even due to the jokes. It was mainly his disinterested attitude towards fighting that makes him stand out from the rest of the other typical fighting anime. One Punch Man tells the story of a superhero called Saitama, who became a hero apparently just for fun and is just overwhelmingly strong to the point that he defeats his opponent with merely just one punch (well duh!).  Saitama trained so hard for the last 3 years that he even became bald (ridiculous yes I know). The anime is so full of surprises that it even got me to start reading the manga!One-Punch-Man-Saitama-Wallpaper

The fight scenes in this anime seems to be more of a secondary focus of the story where fights are pretty short no thanks to his immense strength. Those who love lengthy and elaborate fight scenes like most typical fighting anime will be disappointed as all it takes is one punch from Saitama to end the fight. Another worry is whether the fun factor that fuels this anime is able to sustain it into later parts of the series, which is a common problem that occurs with most anime and even TV series out there. It’s what separates a good series from mediocre ones.

I highly recommend you give this anime a try as the entertainment value was fully worth my time, hands down. I will provide more updates about my thoughts as the series continues on. I’ve got to admit that I do not watch a wide range of anime but nevertheless I would give a score of 8.5/10 for One Punch Man.



2 thoughts on “Anime Review : One Punch Man

  1. Oops. Some idiot made me comment without finishing. I was going to say, “Man, I want to watch this!” I wonder if it gets as far as the end of Volume 2 of the manga, because that’s great. I think actually in the manga it’s got better since the start, although I’m yet to see how the rest turned out.


    • Sorry for the late reply, was away at camp. Chances are quite high since it has been very well received thus far. It’s something I really look forward too and i hope it doesn’t disappoint!

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