Football Manager 2016 (Liverpool F.C)


While most gamers are putting a pause on their social life to stay home and immerse themselves in the post apocalyptic world of Fallout 4 or satisfy their inner geek with Sci-Fi giant Star Wars:Battlefront, a minority of football fanatics like me would be preparing our suits for the yearly edition of Football Manager. As a customary practice for every Football Manager since Championship Manager 2, I have started my first save with the team I support, Liverpool. This post would be the start of a series where I will be planning to share my thoughts and experience with FM16. In this first post, I will be mainly focusing on transfers that I made during the first transfer window into the game. First I identified the weakness in depth for the the team, namely LB, RB, CDM, GK and Wingers. Next I try to move on players that have passed their peak and are currently on high wages. I prefer developing young talented players with low wages and making them future superstars, so basically the deal is to move on old players on truckload of wages and replace with wonderkids who can potentially become future superstars.


From the screenshot above, players that were transferred in were mostly young players with the exception of Madlung(33) and Bender(26). Madlung was a free agent brought it to replace Toure as a cheaper backup option while Bender was transfer listed and was too good a deal to let go. Balanta and Romero was a must buy on FM15 and while their stats have not reached the same heights this year, their cost of 3.5M and 3.9M is basically a steal. Maia, Ajer and Rajkovic who are some of the must buys high potential players in FM16 came in for relatively cheap fees. The largest fee spent was on Jorge at 16.5M who’s a very talented left back. Although I have to admit to overspending a little, it’s near impossible to find good fullbacks on the game as the establish top ones are usually north of 30M. To fund some of my spending, I moved on a few fringe players namely Enrique, Allen, Skrtel and of course Lallana at 22M which I thought was really good money. Although Lallana is not bad, that money could be used to bring in a few cheaper young talents to boost the depth of the squad.

Most of the players that were brought in to be immediately integrated into the first XI such as Bender, Barbosa, Embolo, Balanta has been amazing for me. In fact I bought in too many Winger/Striker hybrid to the point right now which I’m guilty of. Sometimes I guess when the price is so good it’s really tempting to overbuy. The stand out performer from my buys would have to be Gabriel Barbosa, although it was a close call with Embolo.


I play him primarily as an inside forward at Right Wing so his stats is pretty amazing for such as young player in his first season with 6 goals and 5 assists in 12(1) games. In fact, he often scores from the crosses of my LB who was his countryman Jorge. Unconsciously, I have been making Liverpool a mini Brazilian colony with the addition of Barbosa and Jorge into a team that originally consist of 3 samba boys namely Lucas, Coutinho and Firmino. Imagine a front three of Brazilian flair which would get everyone excited, think about it.

Next, my current top performing player would be…. *drum rolls*



“You must be kidding!” you might say, but I’m not. Honestly i couldn’t quite believe it myself, he just kept scoring goals after goals.  Just look at his stats for a moment, 14 goals and 4 assists in only 8(6) games is just the form of a really top hitman in the league of Aguero or Suarez. In fact I was only forced to play him after an injury to Benteke and the perma-injured Sturridge. Even after Benteke came back, he wasn’t really able to score consistently so I had to depend on Ings for the time being. Hopefully his hot streak continues on until my other options are available again. Honestly Barbosa and Embolo could have been used in the striker role but I prefer to just stick them to the winger role as I felt it’s where they play best, but would definitely give them a chance up top if there is a need for that.

In the next post, I would talk a little more in depth into training, tactics and future transfers plans to take the club to glory!




What are your thoughts?

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