Football Manager 2016: The Art of Transfers

In this second post regarding FM2016, i would like to focus on transfers as a whole. Whether in real life or in game football, transfers plays a major role in deciding the team’s performance throughout the season. It often is so crucial to get it right as poor buys directly causes crappy results and crappy results lead to the manager being shown the door. We will be focusing on several circumstances when the transfer windows open.

The Nurturers

For: Not-so-rich clubs, maximum satisfaction, generative massive income for future transfers

This is basically what most seasoned FM players look forward to every game, uncovering the next best wonderkid. It is insufficient to describe with mere words the joy of finding an unpolished gem at dirt cheap price and turn them into world class players. This requires a good scouting system and having a general knowledge of the clubs that produces excellent young players such as Southampton, Ajax, Barcelona just to name a few. These players are relatively unknown but have superb talent and usually can be affordable for most clubs. However, these players are often highly inconsistent or have low current attribute so it’s sometimes a tough decision whether to place your trust in them especially in big matches where the stakes are high. Stick with them long enough and you will be rewarded with good match performance and soon you’ll get the top clubs knocking on your door.

Players example : Gianluigi Donnarumma, Lincoln, Emanuel Mammana, Kristoffer Ajer

The Affluent Ones

For: instant impact, competing for top honors, rich daddy clubs

The Manchester City, Real Madrid and PSG of world football. These are the managers that are taking the easy route, tossing money left and right to obtain the players they want. Need a striker? Lets get Sergio Agüero. Need a goalkeeper? De Gea sounds good. Unfortunately this would only be possible if the club you are managing has a bottomless pit of funds where money is not much of an issue. This style of play is also not sustainable in the long run as buying top players at their peak also comes with hefty wages. It also removes the fun part whereby you are never the underdog and always expects a win in games.  The upside to this is that instant impact will be seen and little patience is required to obtain favorable results.

The Cheapskates

For: Clubs with low transfer budget, dislike spending big, bargain hunters

Who doesn’t like a good deal? What’s even better if it’s free! Despite the term cheapskate being often classified as a negative action, being the cheapskate in FM is indeed very rewarding if done right. It requires careful planning and looking long term for the squad. The first step towards this planning would be to actively track the contract expiry of the players you might have interest in. As we all know for players that runs into the last 6 months of their contract, you would be able to sign them on a pre-contract to get them playing for your club in 6 months time. This is an extremely smart move if you are able to snap top players at the tail of their contracts as it means you’re getting them ABSOLUTELY FREE (Well not absolutely since you would still have to pay them some joining fee).

12449163_10153430837557637_705721157_oOne example in the screenshot above where I was able to sign a top talent for free. I would admit that I did not saved a lot in doing this as his original price was still fairly low so it would be a bigger deal if you could land someone in their prime for free.

12449739_10153430837592637_1795494528_oAnother method would be to always check out the players who are being transfer listed. Some of these players could be big names that are somehow being listed for sale and sometimes you could land some big name signings which usually you wont be able to afford them. From the screenshot above, we can see Diego Costa being listed for just 14M despite being valued at 19.75M and also Loic Remy at merely 6.5M with an orginal value of 18.75M (Not to sure what’s wrong with Chelsea in game). In my own Liverpool save, I managed to land Sven Bender in the first window who was transfer listed at 12.5M which to me was too good a deal to pass up. However I realized that after waiting for the next window, many more choices were being transfer listed but by then my funds have already dry.

TLDR: Constantly monitor the transfer listed and contract ending players

The Sellers

For: Clearing deadwood, offload high wages mediocre players, best price for players

This is really something that I used to struggle in FM as most of the time AI managers will rarely offer you a deal for your players until late in the window. I also often have problems offloading deadwood who are on high wages and sucking the club dry.  After looking up countless website, I came across one post which suggested a trick. Basically you offer the player to  clubs at 0 fee (Yes 0). Then once there’s interested, reject them all and do the same, this time with a decent fee usually around the value of the player. If there’s no interest, slowly reduce the fee, rinse and repeat. What this trick does is it first generates interested around the player as you initially try to let them go for ‘free’. Then once interest is there, you modify your demands. Although some would consider this a loophole, it’s the best way so far for me to sell players efficiently.

Those are not the only ones of course, but they certainly are the more common ones. Which one do you lean towards? Personally, I’m a mix between a cheapskate and a nurturer. If you’re not one of the ones above, what do you do during the transfer window?




What are your thoughts?

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