Series Review: Mr Robot

I picked up this series a week ago after trying to look for something new to entertain myself. Being IT trained myself, series that associate with geeky tech stuff such as IT Crowd, Silicon Valley and recently Mr Robot intrigued me. The execution of the plot twist in the series would leave most viewers with plenty of jaw-dropping moments. Do not worry, there would not be any spoilers in this review.  The series is essentially a psychological thriller where the story centers  upon Eliot, being both a cyber-security engineer and a vigilante hacker which sounds like the perfect embodiment of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. He is depicted as the typical IT guy who’s a tech wizard but is socially awkward and has issues expressing his feelings.

The protagonist in this show also continuously breaks the fourth wall by treating the viewer as his imaginary friend. Interesting, yes I know. The series also relates tons of current events into the show which makes it all the more relevant, particularly regarding how safe we are in this digital era where privacy is nearly non existent. The writing of the show is superb where at the end of the series, you begin to realise the whole show wasn’t as straightforward as it seemed. The protagonist narration in particular often questions really deep life choices and whether we are really in control over what is going on in the world.

The credentials of Mr Robot skyrocketed recently with the recent win of the Globe Award for Best Television Series – Drama,  against the likes of TV giants such as  Games Of Thrones, Narcos, Outlander and Empire. This is a huge achievement given it’s only the first season and the lack of any hype before it came out. Not only that, Mr Robot also won the best performance for supporting role while nabbing a nomination for best actor performance in a series for Rami Malek. Pretty impressive, huh! To be honest, I never even heard of the series until a few weeks ago.

The verdict for Mr Robot would be a score of 9/10. The series is full of twist and turns which makes it very unpredictable and satisfying. It keeps you thinking and forming your own theory without actually providing you the answer, which to me is one of the key ingredient of the show.


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