Thoughts on Future Star Wars film

I’ve been constantly thinking about Star Wars ever since I saw The Force Awakens about a month ago, when it was first released. And I’ve been thinking a lot. And reading a lot. And it’s all jammed in my head and I’m trying to get them all out. What better way than to write it down? So below is a list of the upcoming Star Wars film and some of my thoughts on them. Beware of spoilers.

The Sequel Trilogy

VIII – this is the next Saga film, set to release in December 15, 2017. That’s two years away. That’s one year and a half too long. Please come soon.

It will be written and directed by Rian Johnson (Looper, Ozymandias from Breaking Bad). And stars… well, the guys who starred in The Force Awakens. New actors include Benicio del Toro and … I’m not really sure who else. It also appears that Harrison Ford might be returning, thought that might be Kathleen Kennedy trying to avoid spoilers. If he does return, it would be interesting to see what kind of role he plays. Perhaps in a flashback sequence.

I’m hoping that the film will focus on Rey and Kylo’s training under Luke and Snoke respectively. It would be a nice contrast, though we don’t want to get too into it, since we’ve already seen Luke’s training under Yoda in EBS. Though TFA did hit a lot of the same notes ANH did.


More of Finn and Poe bromance please

Finn and Poe bromance could blossom in Episode 8. I’m imagining that Leia might send them to do some thingie thing thing together, possibly with Phasma being Finn’s villain. She does have some score to settle with him. As to whether Finn is Force sensitive or not… He does seem to be the “Leia” of the new trio. If Rey is Luke and Poe is Han. Whether this will continue to be apparent in Episode 8 or not remains to be seen.

Questions of Rey and Kylo’s backgrounds are hopefully answered. He seems to know her, and in Rey’s flashback sequence, he seems to have killed a Knight of Ren in front of Rey. Speaking of Knights of Ren, I’m really hoping to see more of them in Episode 8. And with Kylo in training, Snoke might send some of them to do his bidding instead. Snoke is also another character I hope will be “unmasked” in Episode 8, though I think it’s more likely this will happen in Episode 9. I’m a supporter of the Snoke is Plagueis theory. The Supreme Leader is wise, anyone?

There’s also the question of when this film will pick up. Most of the previous Star Wars have at least a year’s gap between each entry. Though with TFA’s cliffhanger ending… I don’t know. If they were to pick it up from there that means the space opening shot might be affected. And unless we have to believe in another jump in ability from Rey, I’m thinking there needs to be a time skip. And that I think will be a first.

IX – The final film of the Sequel Trilogy is scheduled to be release in 2019. Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World) will be directing with Rian Johnson writing for it. Not much is known about Episode 9 as of now. It’s still a while away and what I said about 8 might happen in 9 instead. So there’s that.

The Anthology Film


Cast of Rogue One

Rogue One – this is the first Anthology film, a series of one off films set in the Star Wars universe. It stars Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Donnie Yen among others. It’s directed by Godzilla’s Gareth Edwards. The first draft of the film is written by Gary Whitta (The Book of Eli, Telltale’s the Walking Dead) and it will be finished by Chris Weitz (American Pie, Twilight: New Moon). John Knoll also has a hand in the story, though his previous work has been on visual effects.

Rogue One is about a band of resistance fighters working to steal the Death Star plans from the Empire. The same plans that was talked about in A New Hope. Probably that thing that Princess Leia put into R2-D2. NOT the one “many Bothans died to bring to us”. Beyond that, there’s not much that’s been revealed. Though this will likely be remedied soon as Rogue One is set for December 16, 2016.

There has been a theory that Donnie Yen’s character is a Jedi. Though this doesn’t seem to be true, there’s some talks of him being a Force sensitive rebel and possibly being blind. It would be cool to see someone who uses the Force to help him “see”. There’s always the possibility of Darth Vader or Tarkin appearing, though the latter would require some CG wizardry to bring to life and honestly, I’m not entirely sold on that idea.

There’s also some talks that the Ghost crew from Rebels were involved in stealing the Death Star plans, if that’s the case, we might be seeing some Jedi. And I love me some Jedi. It would be just awesome to see Ahsoka on screen, perhaps even having a lightsaber duel with Vader.

Han Solo Film – this is the next Anthology film, set for May 25, 2018. It will be directed by Christopher Miller and Phil Lord (both for The Lego Movie, 22 Jump Street). It will be written by Lawrence Kasdan (ESB, TFA) and his son, Jon (The First Time, In the Land of Women). No information has yet to surface about who will be casted as it seems to still be ongoing. It will be interesting to see who they cast as Han Solo. It will be an incredible task to tackle, considering how iconic the character is.

The Han Solo film will be about a young Han Solo as he becomes the person we know and love, starting from ANH. One of the theories about this is based on the Expanded Universe story about Han being an Imperial Academy pilot in training. In this iteration, Han Solo studies at the Academy of Carida and graduates at the top of his class. During a mission, he saves Chewbacca, betraying his commander and in turn the Empire. Thereby earning the Wookie’s oath of life debt. Though I doubt that it will be entirely the same, but I won’t be surprise to see them use some of it, like they did with a certain other Solo.

Third Anthology Film – beyond the fact that Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Days of Future Past, Sherlock Holmes) is writing the film, nothing else is known. No directors, no stars and no official statement on what the film will be about. Josh Trank (Chronicle, Fantastic Four) was initially attached as director, but has left, citing the stress of directing a Star Wars film so soon after a four year long work on Fantastic Four was a bit much to handle. It will likely be released in 2020.

There some rumors of course, there’s always rumors. There’s talk of it being a film about Boba Fett. And there’s also talk of it being an Obi Wan film. I’m hoping that this film will also be set between Episode 3 and 4, so that we have a set of Anthology film between them and maybe another set of three between Episode 6 and 7. But I don’t know much about what happens to Boba and Obi Wan between Episode 3 and 4. And honestly I would prefer an Obi Wan film, just to see more of him, hopefully with Ewan McGregor reprising his role. But if it’s set between 3 and 4… we’ll just see a lot of Obi Wan on Tatooine and I’m not sure I’m up for that. Of course, there’s always a chance he would leave Tatooine to do some stuff elsewhere.

But if it’s not Obi Wan or Boba or set between Episode 3 and 4, I would like to see something about Darth Vader based on the recent comics. It is set between Episode 4 and 5. Though admittedly they probably won’t use it and just create something new, but there’s just something about the two killer droids and Vader acting independently of Sidious’s will which is interesting to see. Especially the scene where Vader gets angry after learning that he has a son, which was just so badass. I seriously doubt a film adaptation will happen, since (a) it’s already in comic form and (b) the general audience will already know how the movie will end. Vader knows Luke is son, the end. I don’t think it will translate too well onscreen, certainly not for the mass audience and more for fans of Star Wars.

That’s some of my thoughts on the future Star Wars film. What are yours? I would really like to hear some of your theories, especially concerning the third Anthology film. There’s just so little information available on that one.


What are your thoughts?

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