Calamity is the third and final book of the Reckoners trilogy. Several months after the end of the second book, David Charleston is the leader of the Reckoners, a group of normal humans trying their best to kill super powered villains known as Epics. They set off to figure a way to defeat the Epic known as Limelight, one of the most powerful Epics in the world, in the city formerly known as Atlanta.

Calamity is a young adult superhero novel written by Brandon Sanderson, and it is NOT part of the Cosmere. Also, it’s about half as long as his adult fantasy novels.

The Good


US Cover

I like David’s relationship with Megan, I really do. It was one of the highlights of Firefight for me. And in Calamity, we see them in another phase of their relationship, one where their feelings are out in the open and they don’t have to sneak behind other people’s back to see one another, because they are on the same side again. And that was fun to see. It helps that David’s poor metaphor skill pops up several times in their talks. Those are always entertaining to read about.

“We’re not moments, Megan, you and me. We’re events. You say you might not be the same person you were a year ago? Well, who is? I’m sure not. We change, like swirling clouds and a rising sun. The cells in me have died, and new ones were born. My mind has changed, and I don’t feel the thrill of killing Epics I once did. I’m not the same David. Yet I am. I’m glad you’re not the same Megan. I don’t want you to be the same. My Megan is a sunrise, always changing, but beautiful the entire time.”

One of my favorite passages in the book, it’s when Megan expresses the worry that she is not the same person every time she reincarnates. And the icing on the cake? When David first tells Megan that she is a sunrise, she responses with “Not a potato?”

It’s also great to see the old gang from Steelheart returning. I liked them more than the crew in Firefight. With Mizzy joining them, I think that they are the best crew out of the three books. To read about. I wouldn’t put the fate of the world in their hands if I had the choice. What’s your opinion on that? Which crew was the best in terms of abilities, and which crew would you want to hang out with?

Larcener was an interesting character. He’s the reigning Epic of Atlanta, who Limelight is working to dethrone. A sort of enemy of an enemy of a friend, except not entirely. He doesn’t actually help the Reckoners as much as sit in their base and hiding from Limelight. And there’s something about him that’s more than meets the eye.

The Bad

Personally, I’m not a big fan of multi-dimensional stuff. And when Megan’s abilities expanded in this book, well, I just wasn’t too into it. Especially not some of the stuff at the end of the book. I’m not making much sense here, as I’m trying my best not to spoil the book, but Megan’s ability lets David converse with another dimension’s Steelheart, except, it’s not the Steelheart from the first book. And that leads me to another part of the book, I was so confused by all that stuff. Why did this Steelheart become Steelheart and how David… argh, I’m just so, so confused about all that. Maybe it’s just that there are so many dimensions and in this particular dimension it just happened this way, but it still doesn’t explain David. Can someone, anyone, help me clear me up on this?


UK Cover


Calamity was a little vague. The Epic, not the book. What he is and where he is from isn’t exactly answered, but the role he played in the book was an interesting one. I just wished there was more about him and why he did what he did, instead of doing was he was supposed to.

I’m not quite sure what to make of the ending. It surprised me, but not in the way I wanted. It was more in the area of “huh, that’s a rather interesting turn of events” rather than “OMG, that’s freaking awesome!” It was weird, and in some ways reminded me of the Wheel of Time ending, where the final fight was not as much a fight as a battle of philosophies. Kinda. It wasn’t bad per se, but it did leave me feeling a bit unsatisfied.


Not the conclusion I was hoping for. Beyond that it was a good book and left me wanting to see more stories set in the Reckoners world.


What are your thoughts?

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