Mistborn: the Bands of Mourning


Mistborn: the Bands of Mourning is the sixth book of the Mistborn Series and the third book of the Wax and Wayne series. It is the sequel toShadows of Self. The Bands of Mourning follows Waxillium “Wax” Ladrian, a Twinborn noble who occasionally moonlights as a lawman. His relationship with Harmony hasn’t been in the best form and when one of the kandras come looking for him with a job, he rejects. Marasi, Wax’s protégé (kind of) who has always been in Wax’s shadow, accepts the offer instead. She is tasked with helping retrieve one of the kandra’s lost spike, a kandra who has found the fabled Bands of Mourning, which the Lord Ruler has stored most of his powers into and could potentially turn any user immortal. Wax is dragged along when he discovers that there is a possibility that his kidnapped sister might be in the same area.

The Bands of Mourning (BoM) is set in Scadrial, one of the Cosmere planets. The Cosmere is the universe where most of Brandon Sanderson’s work is set in.The Good

Steris really grew on me in this one. I’m a Wax-Marasi shipper since the first Wax and Wayne book, but dang, did she snuck up on me in this. Come to think about it, she had a growth spurt in Shadows of Self too. At this rate, she might be my favorite character by the end of the next one. And her relationship with Wax grew in a way that I really bought into it. At this point, I’m not sure if I’m still on the Wax-Marasi ship or not. Speaking of Marasi, she had less of a spotlight on her on this book, but boy, were her moments in the spotlight awesome or what? She went from being a good character to a great one.


US Cover

Learning about the Southern continent was a surprise, I wasn’t expecting it to be shown until a latter series. And the fact that airships came along with it was just Oh-My-Harmony levels of awesome.

Some of the humor scenes in the book was Sanderson at his finest. There was one scene in particular that was very memorable. The gang had just arrived in New Seran and were staying at a hotel which is run by a certain Aunt Gin. The way the gang talks around a confused Aunt Gin was just amusing to read. I had a huge grin on my face while reading through the whole section.

The Bad

Wayne is really starting to chip at me a little. His eccentricities that were endearing before feels more and more like signs of some mental issue. Not that I thought he was quite right in the head in the first place. But it’s grating to see it over and over again. The tipping point for me was the whole journey he took to basically tell a girl he has moved on. But there is one thing about Wayne that I liked – his relationship with MeLaan, particularly his nonchalance at her turning into a man.

The next book, the Lost Metal is slated for a fall 2018 release. And that’s too long! I know 2 years between books is not that uncommon in the fantasy world, but I’ve been spoiled with so many releases for the last few months. Shadows of Self in November, BoM and Mistborn: Secret History in January and then Calamity coming in February. That was great! Now, comes the long wait again. I’m almost sure I would prefer BoM releasing later this year or early next year, just so the wait won’t be so long. Argh!!!


UK Cover

The Other

I’m not too sure where I stand on Sequence. The reveal didn’t have the wow factor for me. I can’t quite decide whether it was because I saw it coming or because I just didn’t care. I’m leaning towards the former right now, because I’m interested on seeing how Sequence will play out in the Lost Metal, particularly since the known leadership of Set is not in the best shape right now.

Do note that a lot of the experience has been affected by the fact that I wanted to finish it as soon as possible because I wanted to read Mistborn: Secret History, after learning that it contained a lot of Cosmere tidbits. I’m not sure how much of an effect it had, but I’m sure there is at least some.

The Verdict

Overall, I felt it was better than Shadows of Self, but still not quite at the levels of the Original Trilogy, which is okay, because I don’t think that’s the point of this series, considering their structure and scope.


What are your thoughts?

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