Movie Review: Deadpool

What more can I say about this anti hero.He’s pretty much the opposite  of what you would expect from a typical hero, sense of justice, wise and doing what is right. In my opinion, it took a lot of balls to make this movie since the formula for this movie have been pretty much untested and could have backfired spectacularly. To which it became a huge success with the film being the highest opening R-rated movie, with earnings at the time of writing almost reaching $500 million worldwide!

The Good

The movie centers upon a near immortal mercenary, who’s healing regenerative factor, similar to Wolverine, makes him impossible to die. Couple along with humorous and talkative nature, it makes you question his sanity which  works in the favor of the film to great effect. Even in tense situation such as a gunfight, Deadpool’s wacky attitude never fails to lighten up the mood with humor and breaking the fourth-wall (constantly aware of the audience and speaks to them). Sometimes he talks too much that he annoys the hell out of both his enemy and ally alike. I personally feel the jokes are fresh and spontaneous, which makes me classify the movie as more of comedy genre. The unorthodox character also makes him break away from the usual superhero cliché of having flawless character and being good in everything. This approach makes him feel more ‘human’ and more relatable. I was also quite impressed with the trailer and marketing aspect of the movie. There were clips showing the entertaining nature of Deadpool and I believe those are crucial for the success of the film, at least in terms of sales. Play any trailer on YouTube and you’ll be lying if you think it’s boring.


An example of their troll movie banner, i’m not even kidding. 

The Bad

To be honest, the plot was overly simplified, period. Despite being R-rated, the film is really straightforward and you would be forgiven if you thought it was written for the child audience. One aspect I noted was the villain in the movie was horrible. There was no background character development and the only notable thing I could recall was that he kept taunting Deadpool to  say his name, which honestly was kinda lame. Weak villains have been pretty common lately with Ultron in The Avengers:Age of Ultron suffering the same issue. It may be a budget or screen time issue that has sidelined the bad dudes into being just the sad side character of the show. Since it’s the first film for Deadpool, the main story was focused on how he gained super strength and what not, I would demand a more detailed villain for the sequel. As they say, without the villains, they will be no heroes too.


Deadpool is a very entertaining movie if you can overlook the plot issues. The writing and execution of the acting is excellent, the song is good and it leaves you with a feel good feeling  after watching the show. It even goes to the extent of making self deprecating jokes which really shows that the director is never afraid of taking things too seriously. If you were expecting something mind boggling from the movie, sorry to say you might feel a little disappointed.  For a movie with a $58 millon budget (that’s a paltry sum in comparison with other superheroes movie), it has outshone most of the Marvel counterpart, despite not being made by Marvel Studios, and I cant wait for it’s sequel!

Final rating: 8.5/10


What are your thoughts?

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