Movie review : Zootopia

The latest showcase from Walt Disney Animation Studios presents Zootopia, which centers upon a female bunny who dreams of being the first bunny in the police force (usually consist of stronger and ferocious animals) in Zootopia. It manages to hit the $500 million mark days ago which was previously only reached by two Disney animated films, The Lion King and a more recent one, Frozen.  As I see it, the movie is basically driven by the theme “be whatever you want to be” and the plot depicts the journey of how this rabbit breaks the stereotype in the Zootopia kingdom. I didn’t had any expectations of the movie and without watching any trailers, i was basically clueless of what is to come. After leaving the cinema, i was like “this got to be one of the best animation I’ve watched in a very long time”.

Zootopia-Judy-Hopps-Wallpaper-RSVif                                      Not gonna spoil it but this part is epic


The good

The movie excels in nearly every aspect with an excellent blend of tasteful humor, excellent storytelling, impressive graphics, lovable characters and a dash of plot twist to ensure it doesn’t become predictable like a Cantonese drama. The well-crafted nature of the movie helped to attract a wider spectrum of audience, including both kids and adults, of which I personally enjoyed very much. Sometimes you would hear the term “kids movie” being uttered by adults. This would be true if the animation fails to entertain the poor adults that were “forced” to sit in with their young kids for the whole film.  If you are the kind that notice little details in movies, you would realized how much effort they put into making the film as realistic as possible. From the subtle movement of the bunny’s nose while sniffing out clues to the position of the ears which changes according to the mood, it shows the depth of work that goes into the movie to provide an immersive experience for the audience.

Sheep-Zootopia-Breaking-Bad                                             That Breaking Bad reference!

The bad

To be honest, I’m pretty much nitpicking here as there aren’t any major flaws in the movie. The “be whatever you want to be” mentality if taken in the wrong way could also quite dangerous if you think about it. It encourages you to go ahead with whatever you feel like doing and innocent kids may take it literally, such as doing things that are against the law. I guess it would be advisable for parents  to help their little kids understand the context of film. Another minor flaw I would point out is that the plot can be a little confusing for younger kids due to the Sherlock-like twist. Animations and cartoons that are targeted towards the younger audience are generally linear and straightforward to help their young fans understand better.

Another excellent masterpiece from Disney. Zootopia sets a very high benchmark for other animation studios to follow and is at least on par with their more recent releases – Frozen and Big Hero 6.  They are great story tellers which sometimes I wish other movies would be able to emulate.  On top of that, achieving 99% ratings on rotten tomatoes is nothing short of incredible too and credits goes to the team that made it possible. I highly recommend watching Zooptopia and can’t wait for the next show from Walt Disney Animation Studios called Moana, which will be released at end of this year.

Final Verdict 9.5/10



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