Rogue One Teaser Trailer Analysis

Alright, I thought about whether I should write this. I’m certainly not the best analyst around. But I couldn’t contain my hype anymore. I seriously need to let these words out because it’s new Star Wars trailer, dagnammit! Watch the Rogue One: a Star Wars Story Teaser Trailer here.


So first things first, we get our first look at our new protagonist – Jyn Erso, played by Felicity Jones. Yet another kickass female lead. With a British accent. (Rey’s mom maybe?) She seemed to have been captured by the Rebel Alliance. Someone lists off some of her crimes, including forgery of Imperial documents. I’m thinking this is what leads to Mon Mothma recruiting her for the Rebel Alliance. Jyn is said to be reckless and undisciplined. Seems like a wildcard. Sidenote, I liked the fact that she asked “This is a rebellion, isn’t it?”. Wished she had stopped there though. The “I rebel” line that followed made me cringe a little.


Diego Luna as…??? No idea. There are rumors saying he could be Biggs Darklighter. Or maybe Kyle Katarn? He’s probably just a new character. In any case, it seems like he’ll be playing a big role in the film.


Mon Mothma! She’s played by Genevieve O’Reilly, who also played the role in the Revenge of the Sith but her scenes got deleted. I’ve got to say, she really looks like a younger version of Caroline Blakiston. Now, if only they could find someone who looked like Peter Cushing (Tarkin).


The Death Star getting built! OMG! I was expecting a fully built Death Star. This makes sense though. While I did expect the original stormtrooper designs to pop up, the Star Destroyers and X-wings totally slipped my mind. Great sight to behold.

The alarm that plays after this part sounds a little bit off to me. I think it’s a higher pitch than the original?


Grand Admiral. OMG! Is this Thrawn? Probably not. He’s not blue enough. But what if it’s this universe’s interpretation of Thrawn? Like Kylo is a version of uh hmm. That would be interesting. But it’s great to finally see the white uniform in the flesh. Also, what does this say about Tarkin? Would he return? On one hand, I think he’s absolutely vital to the construction of the Death Star. On the other hand, barring a CG Cushing, I doubt it would happen. And I’m not entire sure where I stand on a CG Cushing. CG Oliver Reed was great in Gladiator. CG Dwayne Johnson in the Scorpion King? Not so much.







Forest Whitaker in a bulky, steampunkish armor. Donnie Yen kicking some stormtrooper ass with a staff. Hoping this will turn into a full on heist with them using some skills to help Jyn steal the Death Star plans.


Dark stormtroopers shown in the teaser for this teaser trailer. *Insert joke about Rogue One and the Force Awakens first teasers both being black stormtroopers*. Not sure what they are actually called, but they have appeared in the EU before. Not quite in this design. The most badass incarnation is the shadowtroopers fought by Kyle Katarn in Jedi Outcast. They used lightsabers. Yeah. Probably not those dudes.


Menacing black figure walking into a room with Royal Guards? Sounds like Darth Vader. But the shape is a little off. So unless it’s a helmetless Hayden Christensen, I doubt its Vader. Who is he kneeling too though? I’m thinking the Emperor. Since those are the Emperor’s Royal Guards.

Wait, I just realized that the black figure might not actually be black and it’s just in shadows. Which means that it could totally just be another Royal Guard.


AT-AT shooting lasers on a beach. ON A BEACH. I wonder if there are going to beachtroopers or something, you know, since there are swamptroopers and sandtroopers and all that stuff. Totally just the way the Empire works and not, you know, for merchandising purposes.


The final shot of the trailer. Jyn Erso in a TIE pilot uniform. Coupled with Forest Whitaker saying “what will you become?” makes it seems like she’s defected. But I’m betting that’s just a herring and she’s just infiltrating. Or that she used to be one. Man, what if she’s a double agent that eventually sides with the Rebels? That would be interesting.

Overall, the trailer is very solid. And like the Force Awakens, it doesn’t reveal a lot, unlike a certain other big blockbuster recently *cought*bvs*cough*. It seems to have a grimmer tone. Lots of explosion and death. I think they’ve said that the Anthology is suppose to have a more adult tone, where stories doesn’t fit the theme of the mainline.

Some final tidbits. The film is directed by Gareth Edwards of Godzilla fame. With Zero Dark Thirty director of photography and Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down special effects guy, I’m thinking that this would have a war film sort of vibe. The original idea of the story came from John Knoll, who worked as a effects supervisor. As for the writing, the first writer is (The Book of Eli, Telltale’s the Walking Dead) and it’s been passed onto Chris Weitz (American Pie, Twilight: New Moon). Weitz doesn’t have the most reassuring of résumés, but we’ll see what he can do.

So what are your thoughts on the trailer? Does it make you excited for what’s to come? Let me know in the comments below.


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