Movie Review – Captain America: Civil War

It’s hard to believe that Captain America: Civil War is only the thirteenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It feels like there should be a lot more already, no doubt the perception is affected by the movies produced by Fox. And it’s only going to increase from here on out, with three MCU films coming out each year for the next few years.

It’s directed by the Russo brothers, who will be working on Avengers: Infinity War next. With the exception of Thor and Hulk, the Avengers all feature in this film as they are pitched against one another due to disagreement over the Sokovian Accord, where the superheroes will be watched over by a UN sanctioned committee. It’s based on the 2006 comic book story line but it features only a few similarities.

The Good

civil war spiderman

Best cinematic Spiderman ever!

Spiderman and Ant Man were the stars of the show, stealing a ton of spotlight from the rest of the team with their whimsical quips as they fight. I’m still laughing recalling the scenes from the epic face off between the Avengers factions. This scene, I think, is a good blend of humor and epic battles, something of a signature in MCU films at this point. Spiderman in particular was very great, and I think it isn’t too far fetched to say that he’s the best cinematic Spiderman I’ve seen. The smart ass quips he makes are very reminiscent of the Spiderman from the comic book pages and from the animated series. It makes me excited for the upcoming Spiderman: Homecoming.

They weren’t kidding when they said Civil War was a very Captain America story. I had my doubts, but it’s clear at the end of the film that this is Captain America’s show. It’s a personal story, it was a somber story and more importantly it’s a great story. And worst of all, I feel that it this way better than Batman vs Superman. Why can’t DCEU movies be as good as this? I’m hoping Suicide Squad would be good, but if it’s not… I don’t have much hope in DCEU anymore.

I loved the ending. It left the status quo broken. There wasn’t a single word that could be uttered by any of the characters to stop the fighting between the two factions. Unlike a certain fight between two other superheroes. Ahemmarthaahem. I look forward to see how the two factions’ relationships are repaired, or if they ever are. I wonder if they will be united again at the start of Infinity War. Maybe in Black Panther?

The Bad

The actions scenes are still the typical Hollywood fare. Quick cuts, close ins. And I don’t like that. It’s a matter of preference, but I like to have a better feel of the fights and where everyone is. I had a hard time keeping track of who was where in a lot of the fights. Particularly in one battle with the German police in a stairwell. The fight at the end of the film was much better in that regard, keeping all three combatants in shot at most time.

The start of the film feels somewhat poorly edited. It jumps from scene to scene, story to story fairly quickly after the start of the film. It’s a little like BvS, but unlike BvS, it was done to tell multiple stories featuring multiple characters. Stories that had a clear start and ending and more importantly an ending that converged all the story threads and tied them up together.

black panther

Black Panther – one of the new additions to the MCU roster

I didn’t like how Black Panther’s story arc concluded. I wanted more from him and was left unfulfilled. I felt his epiphany at the end was unearned. If there was a scene earlier where a talk with his father could have impressed something in him that surfaced at the end, that I feel would have been a better way to handle it, as cliched as it might be.


I loved the villain. I think it’s going to come into contention because it wasn’t really flashy enough. There was no big theatrics on the villain’s part. There was no grand monologue. But I felt that the fact that he was driven by a very personal goal fit right in with the rest of the film. It wasn’t about world domination. He didn’t use armies of aliens or robots. He used intrigue and schemes. Much better than Lex Luthor Jr could ever hope to achieve. And more importantly, he succeeded where many others have failed. I think it’s safe to say that he’s the only villain in MCU who succeeded in his goal.

I just wanted to mention that I’ve yet to see Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron, but I know the rough outline of the stories. I know enough to not get confused by Vision, Scarlet Witch and Bucky, but not enough to know about Sharon Carter and that SHIELD has been disbanded. Seriously, why did no one mention SHIELD in the film? I think that’s a pretty good argument against a UN sanctioned committee overseeing the Avengers.


A great Captain America film that strikes a good balance between group politics, friendship, serious and fun. It leaves me wanting more Avenger related MCU films.


6 thoughts on “Movie Review – Captain America: Civil War

  1. I love this movie so much. Batman vs Superman was terrible in my opinion, so after seeing that, this was delightful in every way.
    The only thing I disagree on is Spider-Man. Everyone seems to love him but I actually thought he was really annoying. Just not my kind of humour I guess. I was much happier about Ant-Man. But maybe I just love the 2002 Spider-Man so much that I can’t stand seeing him in any other way.

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    • I feel like Civil War did everything Batman vs Superman wanted to do and did it better. Makes me sad as a DC fan.

      That’s understandable. His jokes are not for everyone. Was the 2002 version your first introduction to the character? I think its possible that the first version of Spider-Man someone is exposed to can influence someone’s view on him. The Civil War version reminds me of the Spider-Man cartoons I watched as a kid.

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