Book Review: Scarlet

Scarlet is the second book in the Lunar Chronicles, following Cinder. It tells the story of Scarlet Benoit as she searches for her missing grandmother. She is helped by a mysterious stranger named Wolf. The story of Cinder continues too, as she works with Cadet…ahem…Captain Thorne to find out more about her past, including looking for one of the people involved – Michelle Benoit.

The book is written by Marissa Meyer, you can read more about her in my Cinder review.

scarlet alternate covers (2)

I’m going to say this is the Italian cover?

The Good

I loved Scarlet and Wolf the moment we were introduced to them. And that love for them only grew when they met each other and as they grow to love one another. I feel that it’s a more natural development than Cinder and Kai’s relationship. They share several tender moments together, some of which just made my heart melt.

Oh boy, Scarlet is jam packed full of action sequences. From street fights to fighting in the streets. And jumping out of trains to jumping onto trains and everything in between. Everything in this book was just moving so quickly, happening one after the other. This made the story move at a faster pace than Cinder did and I liked every moment of it.

The book also starts to answer some of the questions brought up in Cinder and starts joining the dots. Things start to connect and we learn more and more about the world pf the Lunar Chronicles and more about Cinder’s history. I also liked Cinder’s struggle with her true nature as she learns to use her powers, constantly questioning whether she would become more and more like Queen Levana.

The Bad

I wonder if the character blot is going to become an issue later on. I know the books get bigger as the series continues. But as it is, I’m a little worried. I thought Scarlet and Kai had a lack of development throughout this book. Scarlet in particular. Beyond her relationship with Wolf and her one track mind to find her grandmother… there really isn’t much in her character. She’s just angry very often. And while maybe that’s not a trait she needs to overcome, I was constantly reminded of it. Kinda like how Cinder can always detect a lie. Kai… well there wasn’t really much room for him to grow. Though I think my previous issue with his instalove of Cinder was slightly rectified. And Thorne? Thorne pretty much was the same from start to finish. I’m hoping he plays a more important role in Cress. I feel like he’s quite similar to Flynn (from Tangled) so I’m hoping that he ends up with Cress.

Remember that I said I loved Scarlet and Wolf together? Well, I hated some parts of it too. At the some point in the book, after breaking up for a while, Scarlet kind of accepts Wolf back with open arms, no questions asked. Considering some of the things they’ve been through, it really pulled me out of the story for a moment.

scarlet alternate covers (1)

Scarlet Thai Cover


Ah, Creswell Thorne. I know he’s a fan favorite, but I’m not entirely sold on him at the moment. I mean his scenes are kind of goofy and invokes a smile on my face, but I didn’t really like him as a character. I hope Cress remedies that.


If Cinder was good, Scarlet is better. More action, more humor, more romance, more fun.


11 thoughts on “Book Review: Scarlet

  1. I definitely think that Kai was lacking character development in Scarlet, but I think it couldn’t really be helped since he wasn’t really part of the focus of the plot. Cress definitely gets better though!

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  2. Cress is even better!! I will read the last book soon. *chants continuously* I really like the Italian cover – so pretty!! I might just order the book in Italian for the cover!!

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