4 types of Asian Spenders


The Researcher/ Read it all

  • Pros – Often gets the best deals, value for money goods
  • Cons – Very time consuming

This is basically me like 90% of the time especially when it involves shopping for gadgets, books and lately, cloths. “Fashion should be the least of concerns for IT peeps”, yes I know. Countless hours is spent in reading up reviews, discussion videos to get a better understanding of buying the ‘right’ stuff. Speaking for myself, the process of researching and comparing the options available often time feels entertaining and rewarding. After some thought, getting the best deals seems to be the main factor for this group of spenders to make “educated purchases”.


The Have it all

  • Pros – Have the widest range of goods, sometimes you might mistake them for the supermarket.
  • Cons – Cost a bomb, overspent your budget

This group of spenders follows the latest trends of everything there is to offer. Every time a new product is launched, they will be the first to get their hands on it regardless of the price. Classifying them as loyal customers would be an understatement. The good ones the bad ones, they have a collection of everything. As we all know, this spending pattern requires substantial amount of money and are usually not viable for most people. If you have friends of this kind, you might get a good deal buying of their used goods.


The Kiamsiap(stingy) one

  • Pros – Very wallet friendly
  • Cons – Often end up with poor quality goods that do not last, might not be popular among your friends

This group of spenders are VERY reluctant spenders. It is was up to them, they would want everything to be as cheap as possible. You could even obtain a direct correlation of their happiness with the money spent. Usually the largest fans of freebies as it would not affect the notes in their wallet. Unfortunately, being stingy often does not bode well with people around them as they tend to be extremely calculative, down to the cents at times. They  might even be “well-known” among their circle of friends to be obnoxious when it involves money, which is not a tag you want to have. This often come at a cost too, as the rule “you get what you paid for” often applies. Cheap fees usually translate to sub-par quality, which in turn do not last and might be inefficient/poor at what it was meant for. For example, cheap jacket with poor materials that does not keep the user warm during cold weather.


The live for the moment?

  • Pros – Can’t really think of one (But to make you feel better, at least you’re contributing to the economy and helping somebody earning a living and that’s a good thing, I think)
  • Cons – End up with tons of random goods that you don’t really need.

Often comes and go for a season. Speaking for myself, sometimes I would be really hyped up about a gadget such as headphones. After a while, it dies down then something new takes its place. Often times it might be due to a trigger factor based on the stuff you read online or perhaps from seeing one of your peers having it. Some would call it impulsive buying and shopping online is one of the primary culprit.



What are your thoughts?

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