Ten Reasons Why I Love Brandon Sanderson

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by the folks at the Broke and the Bookish. Each week has a different theme where participants try to come up with ten things to fit the theme.

This week’s topic is Ten Reasons I Love X. So I’ll just take this chance to gush over how great Brandon Sanderson is. He’s the author of Mistborn, Stormlight Archive and the Reckoners series, among many others.

He’s Prolific

He’s prolific. And when I say he’s prolific, I mean he’s prolific. He needs a separate wiki page dedicated to his work, despite only operating for eleven years. This is god sent in a genre rife with long waits between books. Looking at you, Martin and Rothfuss. He’s published at least two works per year since 2007. He’s the guy that accidentally wrote a sequel to a book he was working on. In his most prolific year, he published 6 pieces, three novellas and three novels, including the conclusion to the Wheel of Time, which clocks in at 355k words. He claims it’s his work ethic, but we all know it’s the Sanderson robots, aka Sanderbots, he keeps in the dungeon to churn out books.

Writing Excuses

Writing Excuses is a weekly podcast on writing by Sanderson, Dan Wells, Howard Tayler and Mary Robinette Kowell. Aspiring writers, give them a listen! They’re great, informative, short episodes on topics related to writing. Last year they did a master class in writing, from plotting all the way to revising. This year they’re doing the Elemental Genres. They also have a cruise once a year where you can do writing groups and have some published writers critique your work. I hope I can join it one day.

Lectures and Workshops

He does a lecture class one semester a year at a university. It is around 14 weeks. He used to record them and put them on YouTube. The 2012, 2013 and 2014 sessions are still around. Hopefully he’ll post them again this year. He also does workshops during cons, which are basically condensed versions of a particular lecture topic. Valuable resources for aspiring writers.

He’s a Totally Awesome Dude

He’s all around an awesome dude. I always enjoy listening to his book signing events. He usually has a talk about some stuff, I liked the one where he talks about literature exclusion at Google (Only the first 30 minutes or so). After that he does Q&A, with gifts for each questioner. Then he reads an excerpt from one of his unpublished work. Last comes the book signings. I’ve never been to one of his signings before. I wish I could, but I’m half a world away. But from what I’ve heard, he lets people customize signings and answers whatever question they have. Usually those with a lot of books and questions will have to let the other people first, but man, getting to sit down and chat with Sanderson until the bookstore has to close. That has got to be a great experience. Also, he signs books randomly in bookshops, especially at airports. So next time you’re in an airport where he has been to, check the bookshop.

He’s a Redditor

Continuing from the previous point, he’s also a redditor! He drops by to chat once in a while. Some of the best interactions include suggesting books to someone who didn’t like his books and including a fan for a cameo in his novel. Once, he also sneaked a fan into a signing which needed a ticket by claiming he’s one of his people. He also holds AMAs (ask me anything) once in a while, and sometimes still answer questions weeks after the AMA has ended.

A little recap. So he writes a lot of books, does a weekly podcast, teaches a weekly class and still has time for redditing. So you can get why fans think there are Sanderbots behind the scenes.

Keeps in Touch with the Fans

Sanderson keeps in touch with his fans. There’s reddit and there’s a blog, but most importantly, there’s a progress bar on the top right corner of his website. Every percentage increase lets us know we’re that much closer to the next release. And then there’s the occasional unexpected appearance of a previously unknown book.

Speculation Fuel

As mentioned earlier, he answers question asked by fans on AMAs or during book signings. This means speculation fuel! While most of the time he answers some questions with RAFO (read and find out), the times that he does answer them, the fandom explodes with new theories and speculations. Trell is Autonomy people!

The Cool Magic Systems

Sanderson creates his magic system by using his humbly named Sanderson’s Laws of Magic. Most of the time, his magic systems follow a set of rules and some of his plots revolve around those rules. It’s not for everyone, but I like both soft and hard magic systems, so I don’t have an issue with it. And usually these well defined magic systems mean cool action scenes. Kelsier’s fight with the Inquisitor in the Final Empire and the last battle in Words of Radiance were some of the most AWESOMEST fight scenes ever.

The Cosmere

There’s this little thing called the Cosmere. It’s the dwarf galaxy where most of Brandon Sanderson’s adult fiction is set in. The mythos of the world is that the Creator shattered into sixteen pieces held by sixteen individuals who became gods themselves. Thus far, the Cosmere has been relatively hidden in the background, existing in cameo appearances and Easter eggs. This is why speculation thrives in the fanbase. The Stormlight Archives is a little aware of the Cosmere but only a little. Future books are planned where the Cosmere becomes more prominent and the plot will feature the sixteen individuals. Thus far the only Cosmere aware book is Mistborn Secret History, which is a novella.

Finishing Wheel of Time

Last but not least, I’ll be eternally grateful to Sanderson for finishing the Wheel of Time series. The series was my adolescence. When Robert Jordan died, I was devastated. We had only one more book to go. And then it was announced that Brandon Sanderson would finish the series. And naturally that one book would be split into three (just kidding, it was obvious that the series wasn’t going to finish in one more book). (Just like aSoIaF probably isn’t gonna end in another two). It was the first time I had heard of Sanderson. I went to read his eulogy and felt a connection with him. He too was a huge Wheel of Time fan. I can only imagine what he felt when he was tasked with completing the work of his great hero.

And that’s ten reasons why I love Brandon Sanderson. I hope you read his books one of these days and get sucked into his fandom too.


39 thoughts on “Ten Reasons Why I Love Brandon Sanderson

  1. Brandon Sanderson seems to be a popular choice for this week’s TTT, though that’s honestly no surprise because HE’S SO AMAZING. I agree with everything you said — it’s actually crazy how productive he is and how much he’s written, and how great they all are. Does the man even sleep?! I’ll never know.

    Also yes to Reddit! I’ve read his AMAs before but sadly always missed them, haha. His magic systems are always so creative, I’d like to pick his brain on them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • He’s really AMAZING! I know right? If I have half of his productivity level, I would be a real productive person. Haha. I miss all his AMA “prime times” too, courtesy of living halfway across the world. But in his last AMA, he still responded to questions six months after it started. I think he only stopped after they archived the thread.


  2. This post basically summarized EVERYTHING I love about Sanderson.

    Love his magic systems. He has like what? Three different systems in mistborn and God knows how many in Stormlight. Not to mention the hilarious Talent in Alcatraz.
    And to add to that, his painstakingly detailed worldbuilding might be boring to some, but I love it.
    I agree with you, his lectures and talks are quite interesting and valuable. I’m not an aspiring writer but I still got something from his lectures.
    Great post!

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    • Thanks! Too many magic systems to count. And there’s a few more Shards that we’ve yet to see, so there’s a whole lot more to come. So many worlds too, really excited to see what he does with them. White Sand coming soon :D.
      He sometimes give a little peak behind the scenes during his lectures/talks too. I think that alone is enough reason to listen through them. Haha.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, cannot wait for them to be revealed! So many knights radiants so little time.

        White Sand looks promising from the preview. And there’s the cosmere short story bundle that comes after that. 😀

        True! Although I haven’t listened to that many of his talks, a couple I’ve listened/watched did contain some BTS stories.


    • He’s really awesome! You should check him out! If you’re not that into fantasy, I would suggest starting with Legion. It’s a thriller where a private detective type has a multiple personality disorder where each personality is an expert in something. He uses them to solve problems.

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  3. I am in awe of how fast he writes. For most other authors, I find it suspicious if they publish too quickly; it usually means the books aren’t as good as some of the work they’ve taken longer on. Sanderson is able to write very fast AND very well.

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    • He totally has robots/clones to help him with his work load. Joking aside, I think most of it comes from the fact that it writes books to relax and replenish his “well”. If he just focuses on one series alone, like Stormlight, it would take the same amount of time as it would now to write each book in the series.


  4. Love your list. I wondered if you were going to list 10 of his books! That would have been nice and easy.
    He is a lovely guy. I’ve met him at a couple of events and he is absolutely lovely and patient with everyone.
    Lynn 😀

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    • That would be too easy. Haha. I could probably list ten of his series too.
      Oh man, I’m so jealous. I really hope to see him in real life one day. Hopefully on the Writing Excuses cruise. Now I just need to save up some money…


  5. I’ve ashamedly never read any Brandon Sanderson 🙈 His books really intimidate me because of their size and genre, but I really want to try and read at least one of his series because I know how well loved he is. His Mistborn and Reckoners series are both on my TBR so hopefully I’ll be able to read one of those soon!

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    • Don’t be intimidated! If you’re like me, you’ll devour them in a few sittings. They’re really well paced and you’ll keep wanting to read more to find out what happens next. Mistborn and Reckoners are great starting points! If you’re still worried about their size, you could try out some of his novellas first. Personally I like the Emperor’s Soul and Legion best.


    • State of the Sanderson posts are awesome! Really gives us a good look at his work schedule. Rithmatist was great, kinda miffed about the ending though, and having to wait so long for the sequel.


  6. He is a great author, one that has inspired many people to get into their writing and hone their craft.

    For me personally his Lecture videos on youtube have helped hone my craft, my writing has improved dramatically and I have been able to notice the flaws and holes in my writing more earlier. His talks on magic systems are great, I highly recommend the lectures he does specifically on them, they have helped refine mine,

    His Podcast is great, shown me other aspects of the writing craft that I didn’t know of and I can see that authors also struggle sometimes, but thats fine.

    Overall a fantastic author, one that will be with us for a long time and continue to make books that excite us.
    Stormlight 3 should be out next year which is great!

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    • He is such an inspirational author. I can’t stop watching his videos some times. I’ve even watch videos of him talking during his signing events. He’s definitely a good learning source for aspiring writers. His most recent lecture on YouTube just finished! I think it’s the fourth one I’ve watched. I never get bored of them too.
      Stormlight 3 is going to be so epic! There’s the Arcanum Unbounded coming out next month too!


      • Yup I have watched all his lecture series and am up-to-date with his podcast, he is really an inspirational person. Stormlight 3 is gonna be amazing, I forgot about the Arcanum coming out soon – cannot wait for it! Have you bought White Sands, it is good.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I still have a few podcast episodes I need to catch up on. I didn’t buy White Sands, but it did read it. Got it free for a few months from NetGalley. It’s setting up the story, so it doesn’t really have any substantial content. Just introducing the world and the characters. You can try and ask him for his prose version. I got it, but haven’t read it yet.


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