Book Review: Winter

Winter is the fourth book of the Lunar Chronicles series. It’s the last book in the main series. There’s another book following this called Stars Above, which is a collection of short stories. Winter continues from the events of Cress but introduces a new point of view character – Princess Winter. She’s based on Snow White and she’s the step daughter of Queen Levana, the main antagonist of the series.

I think Marissa Meyer is quickly become one of my favorite authors. True, she’s only had one series, but boy, do I love the Lunar Chronicles. I’m looking forward to reading Fairest and Stars Above and then her upcoming books. I think Heartless is coming out this year. It’s a standalone book about the Queen of Hearts before she became evil. And the first book of the Gatlon trilogy is coming out next year. That one is about superheroes.

The Good

Alright, let’s get the character blot out of the way. I know, I know, if you’ve been following my reviews on the Lunar Chronicles, you’re probably sick of hearing this. But you know what? I actually didn’t think about that as I was reading this one. Everyone seem to have a good share of “screen” time. Even Iko. Except maybe Kai. Poor Kai. But at least he had his moments.

Winter Cover French

The French Cover for Winter is so pretty. One thing though, isn’t Winter suppose to have darker skin color?

The relationships between the characters were also great. The friendships developed between the different characters as they are split apart and reunited multiple times throughout the course of the story. I a big fan of the romance in the books. I absolutely loved Jacin and Winter. I have a thing about childhood sweethearts. And Jacin being the mountain that Winter could rely on throughout her battle with her demons was really sweet? I’m struggling to find the correct word to describe it. I love Cress and Thorne too, though it was a little frustrating at times, seeing them play coy with each other. I felt like screaming at them to just spit it out already, but that just tells me they’re meant to be together. The best couple has got to be *drumrolls* Iko and Kinney! No, but seriously though, I would love to read a story about them together.

The ending was great! It wasn’t a perfect fairy tale ending, which was a good thing. It made it a whole lot more believable. I really hope that Cinder’s plan goes through and maybe Kai can do the same thing too. Then they can drive off into the sunset together.

The Bad

There were times when I felt everything went a little too conveniently for the rebels. I think half of Cinder’s strategy were “I hope this work and when it does, we’ll do this.” Seriously, I’m surprise that there were really no real complications to her revolution. I would have thought the enhanced wolf soldier would have tear everyone to pieces, even if they were outnumbered. I would have thought the thaumaturges could have caused some serious damage. I wouldn’t have complain if one of the major character had been killed. I guess I shouldn’t have expected otherwise. It is a fairy tale retelling after all.

Winter Cover Turkish

Turkish cover for Winter

The “Snow White incident” felt a little forced. I mean, it was interesting how it was done, but at the same time, I thought the story would have been just as good without it. Maybe even better. It felt like a filler scene and an unnecessary addition to the story. There was already a great scene earlier which invoked the Snow White imagery for Winter. Poor Ryu.


I don’t know whether to like Winter or be creeped out by her. She suffers from hallucinations regularly because she doesn’t use her gift. As a result, everyone around her thinks that she’s off kilter. She’s a smart girl and she uses her perception of the people around her to her advantage a lot of times. But there’s a lot of times that she’s actually off kilter too. She’s howls randomly. She sees herself encased in ice. She sees the walls bleeding. But when she’s not hallucinating, she’s a really, really sweet girl. It’s just that it’s difficult to know when she’s being crazy or not. Even to her.

I think I made a mistake reading Winter before Fairest. I think Fairest was supposed to be read before Winter, based on the order. And I thought Fairest was included in Stars Above, which was why I read Winter first. I think that might have something to do with my confusion about Channery, Levana’s sister, in the first half of the story, until it was made clear what she really was.


The great conclusion to the spectacular adventure kick offed in Cinder. The book itself is great, with a few twists and turns to keep the story interesting. And the ending is great too. More sweet than bitter but definitely not entirely sweet.


7 thoughts on “Book Review: Winter

  1. I really liked Winter as a character. She was just so determined and earnest in her slight madness. And after seeing the French cover, I am definitely going to have to buy a copy. It’s so pretty!!

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