Book Review: White Sand Volume 1

White Sand Vol 1 is the first graphic novel to join the Cosmere universe. It is an adaptation of the first book Brandon Sanderson ever wrote. Also the eighth. He did a rewrite on it a few years later. Needless to say, I was on board the hype train ever since I first heard of it. So when I learned that NetGalley had it on a read now offer, I jumped on it at once. (Thanks to Annemieke @ A Dance with Books)

It is the first of three volumes done by Dynamite Entertainment. It’s adapted by Rik Hoskin with art by Julius Gopez and Ross Campbell. So it’s not 100% Sanderson. Fun fact: Sanderson’s third ever novel, Lord Mastrell, is a sequel to White Sand. Wonder if it would get adapted to.

White Sand tells the story of Kenton, the only survivor of a massacre of the sand masters. Kenton is also the highest ranking sand master left, there’s a slight problem for him. He’s not exactly a master of sand. He teams of with a group of Darksiders, from the other side of the tidally locked planet of Taldain, led by Khriss who is following the path of her dead fiancé.

The Good

It’s hard to talk about the good things of a book that’s really just the first act of a story. I’m not well acquainted with the characters or the world yet. I not too keen on Kenton and the things I love about Khriss are more about her existence in other works in the Cosmere. So all I could really say is some of the things I want to see more of. I want to see more of Taldain. The government system of the Daysiders seem interesting and I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing more of them. The conflict that the sand masters are facing is just starting and I’m interested to see how Kenton solves the kerfuffle he’s landed himself into. Also Khriss and the Darksiders and that one random guard that I can’t recall the name of could potentially be interesting characters in their own right. I hope we’ll be seeing the Darkside too.

The Bad

It’s too short. And I don’t mean it in an “it’s so good I want more” kind of way, more of a “huh, that’s all? What the heck?” kind of way. Part of the problem is that White Sand was a single novel, and it’s being split into three volumes. And because of that, it felt like this first volume was just the end of the first act. It’s all been introduction of characters and raising of questions. And usually first acts are the shortest parts of a story. So unless the next volumes are way longer, the whole story is going to feel rather short too.


So excited to see Khriss pop up. I’ve forgotten the fact that she came from Taldain. I wonder if Bavadin will have a part to play in the coming volumes. I kept expecting dragons. And then I remembered that dragons were on Yolen, not on Taldain. So that part is my own fault. I psyched myself up for nothing.

No telling when we’ll get volume 2. As far as I know, they did not start working on it until after this one was done. And volume 1 was announced in 2014 and was supposed to come out last year. So if it means 2-3 years between volumes… I’d totally recommend waiting for all three to be released before jumping on board.

It’s a little different from the portions from the White Sand writing excused did their line editing exercises on. One on description. One on dialog. I’ve heard that you can get the original manuscript from Sanderson if you requested. Alongside the Aether of Night, but I haven’t tried it out myself yet. UPDATE: I got them! So excited to read them!


I would advise waiting for all three volumes to come out before getting into it. While it’s designed to be read separately, I think the story would be better read throughout at once.

PS: No foreign covers to be had this time, so instead check out a few pages at i09.

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