Should You Preorder Games?

Now that the E3 month is over and the hype and excitement has subsided, let’s talk about gaming preorders. This year’s conferences has seen only a few call to action when it came to preordering games. The ones that came to mind are South Park: the Fractured but Whole and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. And even then, it wasn’t really thrown in your face, but rather more of a “hey, you could get a previous game for free if you preordered”.


I’m willing to bet that Modern Warfare remaster will be standalone one day.

But although the call to action wasn’t there, preorder bonuses and collector’s editions are still available for many of the games that were shown at E3. Persona 5 has the Take Your Heart edition which includes a Morgana plushie, a school bag and some other stuff. Final Fantasy XV’s collector’s edition has Kingsglaive, some DLC, an action figure and artbook among other things. Gears of War 4 also has one with a JD Fenix figure. Point is preordering is still a thing, and so are collector’s editions. Though thankfully preorder exclusive content seems to have been toned down. (Except, you know, that ENTIRE game that’s exclusive to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare preorders)

So the question still stands. Should you preorder games?

Wisdom would probably tell you that you shouldn’t do it. All the trailers and marketing hype could be misleading. The final product could be a flaming pile of poo and all they’ll be showing you are the cool flames and you won’t know it. Or the product could be just a buggy mess which can’t even be fixed due to some huge errors in the framework that it was built upon. Even supposedly well reputed studios have been known to release faulty games like Rocksteady with Arkham Knight on PC. Admittedly the fault could be blamed on the publisher and the porting studio, but still, you won’t have known that beforehand.

By waiting for reviews, you’ll be able to save yourself some heartache. Preorder used to be a thing because people worried about not getting a copy of the game. Now that there’s high speed Internet and day one digitals, there’s no need to worry about missing out on games due to stock limitations.

Oh and season passes? That’s like giving some people money for an IOU note that doesn’t state how much they owe you. Unless a publisher has divulged the full details of what the season pass contents (which in many case, they don’t), season passes aren’t really worth the risk, unless you know you’ll be to buying those content regardless of their quality. Probably one of the best use of season passes are in episodic games like Telltale’s the Walking Dead and Dontnod’s Life is Strange.

So why do people still preorder games?


I would probably have preordered this if I could afford it. I mean, it includes a Bluray movie, OVA among other things. Well, probably not, I don’t really have that much faith in the game right now.

They just can’t wait. They want to play the game as soon as possible. And if they have shitty Internet, like me, games are going to take an eternity to download. So the fastest way is to preorder the game. And believe it or not, there are still people who want a hardcopy of their game. Either as a collection or so they can sell it later to gain back some money.

Or they could be huge fans of the game and want to throw money at the developers for some sweet memorabilia. Whether it be a statue or an art book, the soundtrack or in game content, there are just some things that they can’t say no to. The pip boy from the Fallout 4 Collector’s Edition was one of these. Sure the quality of most of these collectible items aren’t always great, but they’re limited, which is their entire appeal. I wonder if the collector’s editions of sequels in a popular franchise has much better sales. Would love to see some data on that.

Ultimately, preordering is your decision. While conventional wisdom would dictate that you don’t to avoid wasting your money on some bad games, but there are just times when it’s too irresistible to refuse. And when that happens, go for it. (Be smart about it though. Track records is a good way to go. Knowing when review embargoes lift is also good.) Personally, I’ve preordered the Take Your Heart edition of Persona 5 and I’m looking forward to it come Feb 14th next year.


5 thoughts on “Should You Preorder Games?

  1. I’ve never pre-ordered, and most likely never will. I want to be sure that what I’m buying is actually worth buying, so I’ll wait to gauge reviews, and more importantly the comments from gamers who have bought the thing and spent some time with it.

    The “collector’s editions”, with their extras and bonuses and little models, don’t hold any appeal for me. And if you wait a while, the “Game of the Year” edition will often include all the stuff that you had to pay more for in the first place!

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    • There’s definitely a lot of benefits for patient gamers. Games are cheaper within a few months of release. And you’re right about the “Game of the Year” edition or the “Definitive Edition” or whatever they’re going to call it.
      Personally, I’ll only preorder games that I’m really excited about. And thus far have only preorder a special edition once.

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  2. I preorder, but only for games that I know I’m going to get for sure. And for the most part, they’re Nintendo games that have established quality and are usually good, such as Zelda, Pokemon, and Smash Bros. Sometimes, I’m worried that they’ll run out of stock for some things (which happened for lots of Nintendo things during the amiibo craze), but sometimes, I just want to make it easier when I pick it up on release day. You can always cancel preorders, so it’s not a binding contract to do it. Sure, sometimes you have to put money down, but that’s not always the case either. So yeah, I preorder, but I do my best to discern.

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    • I also preorder games I know that I’m getting for sure. Oh yeah, sometimes you have to put down a deposit to secure the order, but usually you can turn that into store credit if you decide to cancel. And most games usually have reviews released about a week in advance. Definitely enough time to cancel a preorder.

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