About What I’m Currently Writing

Hi, one and all, welcome to the 10th episode of From the Writing Desk. As promised, today I’ll be discussing a little bit about the novel I’m currently working on.

Well, first things first, AGK stands for Assassination of a God King. TOTALLY not a spoilery name at all. Actually, that’s the main reason why I was a bit unwilling to share the full title. It’s a working title, but I was on the fence about whether or not to be upfront about the whole assassinating a God King part of the plot. On one hand, keeping it hidden can create an intrigue in the earlier sections of the book. On the other hand, it’s kind of frustrating to have the assassin keep on hinting and not really talk about the whole purpose of his plans. But I’ve decided that it would probably be better to be upfront about it. Besides, I think it’s quite an interesting story hook.

The main focus on the novel is on two characters. The assassin plotting to kill the God King and the Inquisitor trying to stop him. The title came before the story, actually. I just found it a very nice phrase that rolls off the tongue. I think it might have be inspired by The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and Assassination of a High School President, but I’ve never actually watched those films, so…

The story of the book came from a desire to try out a dual protagonist story where they are actively fighting against one another. Something where you have someone could root for at least one or even both of them to succeed. Something like Death Note or Code Geass, or for non anime fans, the Departed or the Prestige. On Googling to prepare for this post, I’m told that this is something very, very difficult to do and beginners shouldn’t try it. Oops. They’re not wrong though.

At this point, it’s pretty obvious the protagonist is the Inquisitor. Most of the subplot revolve around him. There was supposed to be an element of religion to the Inquisitors too, but I forgot when I was writing the earlier chapters. Oops. He’s now just a regular detective by another name. Probably going to have a look at it and maybe add it back in in a later draft. Other than that, I’m pretty satisfied with how his chapters and subplots are turning out.

The assassin, on the other hand, is a headache for me. I’m finding it difficult to balance his character and what he does to make him relatable. Though on what Sanderson calls the Three Pronged character development, he scores pretty well on competence and proactivity. Maybe I just have to make a little less moppy and unhinged and we might have a better character. His subplots are fewer too, though I’ve added one big one in the later chapters that will have to be reintroduced during the revision process. I’ll have to do a lot of work to pull him up to par with the Inquisitor.

Another huge issue I currently have is the pacing. We’re about 60,000 words in before the first major clash between the characters. Most of it is setting up the battle and the world the story takes place in. I think that’s a little too much. 60,000 words is about the size of a short novel after all. Another issue to look into in the revision process. Don’t hate on me too much, future me.

So that’s a brief look at what AGK is all about. Happy writing!


What are your thoughts?

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