Could Superhero Novels become a Thing?

So I’ve been thinking about this for some time. What is the next big trend in the book world, particularly in young adult literature, going to be? I think the YA genre in the past has shown that there is almost always a trend. Things like your paranormal romances, your dystopias and your contemporary romances. Though I think contemporary is not so much a trend as an ebb and flow when you look at the big picture. There’s almost always a big novel that kicked starts the trend, and a few other novels being released in the same time period that starts the trend. Twilight, Hunger Games and the Fault in Our Stars. (At least I think those books played a huge role in kicking off the trends. Being on the big screens certainly made it seem so.) The current trend seems to be YA Fantasy. Which I’m loving at the moment.

Side note about YA Fantasy. I have no idea where it began. I mean Shannara and Belgariad would probably be considered YA in today’s market. There weren’t any YA genre back when they were released. Eragon could potentially be considered YA. And then there are the more recent Throne of Glass, the Lunar Chronicles and Grisha trilogy. Anyway, point is I’m not quite sure about YA Fantasy. Would Mortal Instruments be considered YA Fantasy? It should be, but I’d say it’s more of urban fantasy rather than straight up fantasy. But then again, the Lunar Chronicles is more scifi than fantasy too.

Anyway, that isn’t important.

I’m wondering if YA Superhero could be the next trend. Superhero films have been making it huge in the big screen. Though it seems to have started to decline a little, with Batman vs Superman and X Men: Apocalypse not being that well received. However, Marvel is still going strong.

In the world of video games, Superhero games are starting to make a strong push. The Batman Arkham series has just concluded last year, but there’s an upcoming Arkham VR game. Warner Bros Montreal is rumored to be working on a Suicide Squad game and a futuristic Batman. Rocksteady have also been long rumored to be working on a Superman game. The recent E3 also saw Spider Man, Telltale’s Batman and Injustice 2. Oh, let’s not forget the Fractured but Whole and Agents of Mayhem too.

Okay, so what Jamie? YA literature has trend, superheroes are doing well in films and games. How does that relate to novels?

We’ve already seen YA Superhero novels in recent years. The Reckoners and Worm are some of the bigger ones. Let’s also not forget about Vicious (which I haven’t read yet). There are also some good but not as popular books like Ex-Heroes, Soon I Will Be Invincible and Cloak Society. Comic book superheroes also have novels written about them, but they’re not as huge. Graphic novels too. And while the Reckoners has a film deal, I don’t think it’s in production yet. It’s still being adapted.

Wait, aren’t you going to tell you why YA Superhero is the next big thing?

Not really, no. It’s just a general wonderment of mine. Especially when you consider what’s coming in the next few years. We’ll be seeing the first of Marissa Meyer’s new Gatlon trilogy next year. DC Comics has also managed to get four of the biggest YA novelist to write four books on the biggest DC Superheroes. Leigh Bardugo will be writing about Wonder Woman, set for 2017. Marie Lu, Matt de la Pena and Sarah J Maas will be doing Batman, Superman and Catwoman respectively. (Really Catwoman? You couldn’t go Green Lantern, or Aquaman, or something? I wonder who picked the hero, or in this case the villain? Maas or DC?)  Hopefully they’ll be the start of something great, because I love my superheroes.

So what are your thoughts on this? Is the Superhero genre going to become a thing in the literature world?


8 thoughts on “Could Superhero Novels become a Thing?

    • That’s good to know! If more authors write superhero novels, I’m sure it will start to gain popularity. And maybe that will lead to it becoming a trend 🙂 Kind of feels like a chicken or egg thing.

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  1. I think you raise an interesting point here. I thing back in 2011-12 dystopian books were quite popular (at least in my opinion) with hunger games + divergent being two of the big titles. These days, contemporary books (ones that focus on romance, LGBT, mental illnesses, etc) seem to be more prominent. I think trends come and go – take a look at pop music for example. Even though pop is considered a genre, I feel like nowadays pop music leans towards EDM/electronic kind of music, as opposed to back in the late 2000s when it was more rock focused. So superheroes could totally become the focal point for the next “trend”, I guess. Or maybe it could be completely different – who knows?

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    • Good point about music. I think trends exist in most things. Heck, even the stock exchange have trends. As for what the next YA literature trend might be, I don’t think it’s going to be predictable. Anything could happen. Publishers could just decide to buy up horror YA novels and push them hard, plastering ads all over the place. Some unknown author might make it to the big screen with a steampunk story. So yes, “who knows” is a good way to put it 🙂

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  2. I would be really interested in having superhero kick in YA because it’s in comics but to have a transfer over into books would be interesting because you can get more detail and backstory and feelings. However, I have comics so I don’t NEED superhero books and I’m worried it would get over saturated.

    Have you read Zeros by Scott Westerfeld? It’s an interesting take on superhero YA?

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    • There’s definitely a worry of saturation. They’ll have to pace themselves if it comes to that, though I’m not sure how well they would do in that regard, considering how many superhero movies we get nowadays.
      Not yet, but I would love to read it. It sounds a little like Chronicles.

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