Book Review: The Last Olympian

The Last Olympian is the final book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan. It’s a series about titans gearing up for a battle against the gods and the demi gods are pawns in their battle. And in this book, that battle finally begins for real. Percy Jackson joins his friends as they attempt to assist the gods while the gods are busy away from Olympus fighting against the titan Typhon, someone who came close to defeating the gods singlehandedly in the previous war. While they are away, the titans plot an attack on the now empty Olympus. Percy and his friends from Camp Half-Blood will have to defend it in the absence of their parents.

Rick Riordan is a really awesome writer. Humor, action and great characters. I’m super pumped for the sequel series, but I plan to read it after reading some other books first. Otherwise, I’ll feel bad about not spending time on the other books in my TBR. And I still need to get one more book to have the complete Heroes of Olympus series, and knowing me, I’ll probably want to read them all in one go.


Italian Cover

The Good

The story starts with an exciting sequence and Percy is soon whisked away to Camp Half-Blood again. And from there it just continuously ramps up until the end of the book. The Battle of Manhattan spanned a huge portion of the book and it was really awesome as the Half-Bloods try to defend the city against the onslaught of the Titan army. Though it was slightly ridiculous that 40 plus people could hold the city against an entire army with Titans, but they do have some tricks up their sleeve. And they were constantly pushed back, so I guess that wasn’t really so hard to believe.

The ending and the fulfillment of the prophecy went a whole different way. I wasn’t expecting that. It wasn’t an OMG moment, but I thought it was well done. Really love everything about the end of the battle and the aftermath that followed.

The Bad

I really dislike Nico. I don’t know why, but he just rubs me the wrong way. And some of the lulls in the series always included him, which might be why. Though I’ll admit that his plan worked spectacularly and he had some awesome moments. I was actually starting to warm up to him and then he did something that just flipped it back on its head again.

I thought the whole thing with Rachel was a bit weird. It kind of came out of nowhere. Maybe I just wasn’t really looking for it. I think her abilities only started developing in this book? When she was on vacation. From then to what she did was a huge leap, and it kind of made her unavailable as a love interest. A neat little knot tied. I just wish Percy had ended up with her.


Japanese Cover


Is it just me or were the parts where Percy and Nico hunting for Luke’s past reminiscence of the Half-Blood Prince? Sure there were no horcruxes and stuff, but it had a lot of similarities, like finding the secret to the villain’s immortality through his past.

By the way, I kept thinking that the Automatons were going to band up and save the day, kinda like the Huorns at the Battle of the Hornburg. I’m a little disappointed that didn’t happen. The Automatons had their moment, but it was just a small part and I thought that after Annabeth triggered the sequence, they would take a while to wake them all up and then group up to form an army or something.


I really, really love the conclusion to this chapter of Rick Riordan’s universe. Action packed, with a pace that steadily ramps up as the story continues leading to a grand battle and a satisfying ending. Excited to jump back in for more.


8 thoughts on “Book Review: The Last Olympian

    Just kidding, but seriously that kinda break my heart although I suppose I understand why he might rub people the wrong way. I don’t think Percy liked him that much to begin with either.

    Heroes of Olympus is even more awesome than PJO imo so I hope you enjoy them when you finally get around to reading the series.

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  2. Trust me: by the end of the fifth book, I also didn’t like Nico that much. I found him to be too whiny, but he goes to a great development in the next series, so maybe you’ll like him more.
    I had never thought about it, but Nico and Percy looking for Luke’s past definitely reminds me of horcruxes! This was my favorite part of the book, that’s for sure! Luke’s mom was a very interesting, but sad character to read about.
    Great review, Jamie! 😀

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