Five Things I’ll Miss from Civilization 5

civ-6-things-ill-missLast week I talked about what I’m looking forward to in Civilization 6. And with more information announced about Civilization 6, we learn about new additions and changes that will make the game different. This time I will be discussing what I’ll miss from Civilization 5. I’ve spent countless hours with this game from the vanilla game to the introduction of religion in Gods and King and tourism in Brave New World, so some of this features are what I’ve come to love about it.


No more resolutions to be enacted.

World Congress

The World Congress is gone from Civilization 6. This came as a surprise to me. In Civilization 5, the World Congress was a crucial part of the game. If you control enough delegates and ally with enough city states (or bribe them for their votes), you can choose to embargo your enemies to weaken them financially or enact nuclear non-proliferation act to stop nuclear devastation. I’m hoping their exclusion means something more will be done to with the alliance system, like a pact or union between allies where agreements can be made between the members.


The movement system has changed in Civilization 6. It used to be that a unit with two movement points would be able to move to a tile that cost one movement point and then use the remaining point to move to a tile that cost two movement points, now the unit needs a full two movement point to move to the two movement point tile. This small change will have huge consequences. Battles will be hugely affected. For example, fortifying one tile away from the river might be better than fortifying on the river itself, as enemy units will have to spend at least two turns on the river banks, once to reach the bank and once to cross it. Range units will be the way to go more than ever too. I had hoped that Civilization 6 might introduce better balance between melee, mounted and range units.

Aside from battle, scouting has also changed a lot. Scouts no longer ignore terrain costs so they’ll be affected by this change. In compensation they get 3 movement point instead of 2. Other changes to scouting include the fact that civs now start with open borders, so they’ll be able to explore the entire landmass in the early game without being trapped by borders.


I won’t be missing the messy roads though.


The way roads are created has changed in Civilization 6. With the introduction of the 3 use builders for building, the creation of roads has been delegated to traders. Traders will create roads based on the trade routes, and more importantly those roads will be able to be used by any civilizations. They also don’t have maintenance costs anymore. Still, I’ll miss being able to build three tile wide railroads to blitz my enemies. There’s talks of combat engineer unit being able to create roads, but we’ve not seen it in action yet. So I’ve no idea when or how they’ll come into play.

City Bombardment

Innate city bombardment has been removed. Cities need either an encampment district or walls to bombard enemies. This means that early rush tactics might actually be a threat and therefore you’ll have to maintain a standing army early in the game. Usually I don’t build my first military unit until mid-Classical Era and don’t have anything remotely resembling an army until the Renaissance. I’ll have to switch up tactics to focus on military building before rushing the tech line.


Barbarians can get cavalry units if their camps are near horses.


To make matters worse for me, barbarians have been buffed up. In Civilization 6, barbarians will be able to scout and put on a concentrated attack on a city or district. I’ve had trouble even if with normal non raging barbarian games when too many camps spawn near me. I’ve also seen mounted units spawn in barbarian camps in Civilization 6. It will be a challenge in the early game and I prefer a peaceful early game, so I’ll be missing the less capable barbarians in Civilization 5.

Those are five things I’ll miss in Civilization 6. Are these things you’ll be missing too? Or is there something else you’ll miss? Let me know in the comments down below.


What are your thoughts?

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