1st Blogoversary! State of the Blog


Hi everyone. I can’t believe we’ve actually hit this milestone, but Watch Game Read is officially 1 year old!

*pop champagne poppers and blow party horns*

I was planning to do a “press conference”/ “media briefing” esque post, but I realized how ridiculous it was. (Actually, it has more to do with me not able to get the tone and style right.) This post is still pretty ridiculous though since the structure of the post remained. What we’re going to do is to give a short report of how Watch Game Read has been doing and what our plans for the immediate future is.

Without further ado, let’s begin!


Watch Game Read has been running for one year now! One year! Our first ever post on this blog is a review of the Order 1886, on September 13 2015. The post still has only 2 views. And since then, we’ve published 116 posts in total most of them coming after April 2016.

A little history: we started Watch Game Read with the idea what we would trade off posting, starting with once every month so that we could have more posts. We planned to double that in 2016 and then Jamie just sort of went crazy and wrote 3 posts a week starting in April, and then 4 posts a week starting in July. And he’s the on writing in third person right now. Yeah…

We currently have 140 followers, which has doubled since we first tried to write this post back in June. Love you all! Appreciate the support, the likes and all the comment you’ve given us! And if you like what we do, spread the word!

We have over 4800 views, with the highest views in June 2016. We have 2400 unique visitors, so that means on average, you guys read two posts each (or one post, one home page view)!

As you’ll no doubt notice, we have a few types of posts. We are called Watch Game Read after all. We do reviews, series and weekly features for films, TV series, games and books. Some of these did very well, others not as much.

Our best post is Uncharted 4 Analysis – the Many Faces of Elena Fisher at 233 views. Which I’m not sure how I feel about. I mean, there were search terms like “elena fisher porn uncharted 4” and “uncharted 4 elena feet”. Yeah… It only barely managed to dethrone our long standing number one – Anime Review: One Punch Man last month, which accounted for 100 views of the 135 views Watch Game Read got for 2015.

Interestingly enough, of the top 4 posts, 2 are from Jamie and 2 are from Caleb, swapping in each subsequent rank. Another interesting stat that compares the two of us is the average views per post. While Jamie has over six times more views than Caleb, Jamie only averages 30 views per post while Caleb has over 50 views per post. A matter of quality over quantity, just the topics discussed or social media impact? *shrugs*

Our best series is Top Ten Tuesday with over 1000 views. It also has the most likes and comments. The short series of Uncharted 4 Analysis managed to garner almost 500 views, which is pretty awesome, considering there’s only 3 posts. On average Watch reviews tend to perform the best out of all the reviews, while Game reviews perform the worst.

Here’s a chart of our views per month and average views per day for those who are interested in this kind of data.


I think that these are likely, at best, average or thereabouts as far as a first year blog goes. I’ve seen a few other blogs performing way better. Would love to know your thoughts on the comments down below. 🙂

*stats are accurate as of 18 September 2016


So what are some lessons I’ve learn in the year since I’ve been blogging?

1.) I Blog Ahead

I plan my posts in advance and write it early. There’s nothing more satisfying than looking at the schedule and realizing that I have two weeks of content already laid out. And there’s nothing more stressful than looking at it and realizing I have nothing planned for the week.

2.) I Blog for the Sake of Blogging

While it’s possible for blogging to be a success, in terms of monetary gains and branding, it is also difficult to accomplish. Maybe you have the persistence and the diligence to do it, but I think most people are better off blogging for the sake blogging. If you don’t love blogging itself and think of it as a means to an end, you’re better off not doing it.

3.) I Write about What I Love

And speaking of the love of blogging, write about what you love. If you’re a follower of Watch Game Read, you know that we basically write what we want to. It is probably advisable to write posts of a specific topic, or even a specific genre and if you’re okay with that, it’s a huge boon for you, but for us it does feel a little constraining. So we write what we everything under the sun as long as we love it 🙂

4.) I Take Breaks When Needed

There’s nothing more horrible than a dried up well of creativity. It’s easy to burn yourself out once the enthusiasm dies out a little, but allow yourself to take breaks once in a while to replenish your well and enthusiasm. Us, readers, will still be there when you come back, as long as it’s nothing outrageous like six months or something. Even then, some of us will probably still be around.


And now comes the part you’ve all been waiting. All two of you! Announcements for the future!

The first announcement is that Watch Game Read has a new look! The old theme was a bit slow and slightly buggy when it comes to loading older posts, so we decided to change it. Hope you guys love the new one as much as we do. We also made a new header to go with it, and hopefully, this will introduce a sort of color scheme for the posts. The intent is to introduce easily identified posts of each watch, game, read category. With luck, it will work as intended.

We’re also trying to make previous posts easier to access. The archives are now available on the sidebar. We’ve also archived reviews, which can be found under the category in the menus. Archiving the series and features is currently underwork, and hopefully we’ll get to that soon. The design layouts for the archive pages are a little poor at the moment, though functional. If you have any tips to improve them, let us know in the comments 🙂

Thirdly, we finally have a contact us page and while we’re at it, we’ve updated the about us page as well. The contact page is intend for you guys to talk to us privately, whether it be a review request, a criticism or an inquiry about guest posting, we welcome them all. Come say hi!

Next up, From the Writing Desk (FWD) and Random Ramblings (RR) will be going on a break. I say a break, but I really don’t have any solid plans to bring them back. Except maybe a special NaNoWriMo 2016 edition for FWD. However, I must say I love writing them, they give me excuses to do “research” on the topics I plan to write about. But at the moment, I’ve run out of ideas and buffer, so they’re going to be pushed aside while I plan another “season” of the series.

And since FWD and RR are gone, I’m planning to introduce two new biweekly series to take their place. The first one is Reading Malazan, where I write about my attempt to read the Malazan Book of the Fallen series. If you’ve seen the rereads on tor.com, it’s basically that. I’ll be doing a summary of the events of each chapter followed by my thoughts on it. The original plan was to do one part every two weeks, but I’ve test piloted it and I found that my reading speed drops drastically when I have to write about what I read and pause to think about it. So the plan now is two chapters every two weeks. Let’s see if I can maintain that. I also had plan to do it as a read along, but I doubt anyone would want to follow along as I read a book for twelve months on end. So yeah… Anyway, the first entry will be out on Sept 22. Yup, this Thursday!


Reading Malazan logo

The second new series is Dude, Where’s the Sequel?, where I talk about my favorite sequel-less games, what I love about them and what I want to see in a sequel. I might sneak in a few books or films and TV series into the series from time to time, but I want to keep it focused on games though. As it is, Watch Game Read is pretty much watch GAme READ, if you know what I mean. Look out for the first entry on Oct 6!


Dude, Where’s the Sequel? logo

And last but not least, going along with the color scheme thing we mentioned above, we’ll be debuting new “looks” for the feature images. Most of them are minor changes to get them to adhere to the color scheme.

One more thing! Here’s a sneak peak at our schedule for the next three weeks! It’s subjected to change.


That’s all from the folks here at Watch Game Read! It was fun writing this post.


12 thoughts on “1st Blogoversary! State of the Blog

    • Thanks! It’s a really awesome theme. I just wish the feature image was included in posts by default. I still have to go back into my archives to add them back in if I want to :O Thanks! I had some advice from friends on the logo. And thank you again! Last time, I swear. Haha. I really hope I’ll keep blogging in years to come 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Happy blogoversary! School has been keeping me real busy these last weeks and I missed out the date completely. I hope it’s okay, even though I’m late.
    I loved the new layout and it looks even better on mobile! It is simple, but I think, this way, we can focus more on the posts. Although I feel sad about the fact Random Ramblings is taking a break (I actually really liked these posts! I read a lot of the older ones), I hope you enjoa writing the new posts even more!
    Onde again, happy anniversary and I hope you have many other years of blogging!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks! Don’t worry about it, I’ve been a bit busy myself too. Hope your school work goes well 🙂
      It really does! Except the header, it’s a bit off. I’m glad to hear that you liked Random Ramblings! I’m going to bring it back some day, just need to think of some interesting things to write about.
      Thanks again! I wish you the same 🙂


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