Ten Things I want to see in Civilization 6


A few weeks ago, I listed out the ten things that I am excited for in Civilization 6. Today, I’m going to list out ten things I want to see in Civilization 6. These are just ideas or improvements on existing features that I have and would love to see come to live some day. 

Better Diplomacy

The diplomacy in Civilization 5 was atrocious. There were no proper alliances, the most you could hope for was a defensive pact or a declaration of friendship. I want to see a proper alliance system in the game, and maybe even a treaty organization like a small scale NATO or the EU that can boost trade between members or work together to destroy your enemies. This can also lead to global conflicts like an Axis vs Allies scenario where two super powerful alliances duke it out. Maybe some sort of mini world congress could be included to dictate the policies of an alliance, like religion or war, however in a small game with just a few civilizations that might be a little hard to create.

Speaking of world congress (if it’s ever included in Civilization 6 again), I would love to go against world congress decisions, like embargos and nuclear nonproliferation. This could potentially mean that the world congress membership is not a sure thing and that members of the world congress could turn against you if you go against it. Which also basically means that world congress is no longer a world congress but rather just an alliance between nations.

Better AI

I would also love to see a better AI system, where AI civilizations don’t just turn against you when you get a little too powerful. There is a tendency in Civilization games where during the late game period and you’re up by a ton, civilizations you were previously friendly with would turn against you. I get that it’s supposed to reflect a real state where players would try to take down the best player in the current game, but it often feels sudden and unrealistic to me. AIs should also work together to launch attacks on multiple fronts to take down large civilizations instead of randomly attacking out of the blue. I would also love to see the higher difficulties of AI being more intelligent rather than just having extra bonuses that the player do not have. It would also be fun to have different AI civilizations have different difficulty levels to help player adapt to higher difficulty rather than throw him in cold turkey. It would be fun to have three superpower civilizations and ten other regular civilizations between them. This could also help make the game entertaining with points number 1 and 3.


Having a vassalage or protectorate system would be cool for a Civilization game. When civilizations or city states are greatly weakened or under attack by another powerful civilization, they could ask for your help in exchange for regular tributes like gold, science or manpower. And you would have to fulfill your end of the agreement by protecting them. If you don’t, they could choose to leave which can lead to war or a mutual agreement, depending on the player. Players can also make use of this by pledging themselves to a larger, powerful military civilization while they focus on building up their science or production. A balance will have to be strike where the protectors will have to keep the player in check, otherwise the player will just run away with the game.

Global Warming

Global warming used to be a thing in previous Civilization games, and I would like to see it reappear in this one. Up to a certain point, when a ton of factories are built and tanks are rolling down the streets, there should be a global warming threat. Nuclear wars would certainly contribute massively. The polar ice caps would melt and allow units to move and settle there, dessert tiles would grow and expand and coast would disappear being swallowed up by the rising sea levels. Measures would need to be taken, like building solar panels or recycling centers in cities. The world congress could also vote on banning coal or increasing the costs of producing tanks and the like to slow down global warming.

Dynamic Civilizations

I would also love to see new civilization s randomly popping up into a game. This could be from city states growing and expanding their territories to form a new civilization, or even merging with other city states to form something akin to the Hellenic League or the Iroquois League.

Other possible ways for new civilizations emerging would be through civil wars or wars of secession. Cities in a civilization could demand to be converted to another ideology or religion and if the player does not give them what they want, they could revolt and form their own civilization with said ideology or religion and given alternate names like how it is done in Hearts of Iron IV.

More Victory Conditions

There are currently four types of victory in Civilization 5, not counting time victory. They are domination, cultural, science and diplomatic victory. The religion victory will be added to Civilization 6 while the diplomatic victory is removed. I would love to see more additions in the future, like an economic victory (where you would need to have trade treaties and produces a certain amount of gold for x turns) or an expansion victory (where you paint the world in the color of your civilization and have a certain number of population.) Tourism and cultural victories could potentially be split, with cultural victories being something like the vanilla Civilization 5 or even Civilization 4.

Trade More Stuff (Techs, Maps, Tiles)

The trade system could be overhauled, with the addition of something like trade treaties which can boost your gold at the cost of something, like possible migration of specialist to the other parties of the treaty. The things that can be trade could also be increased, like temporarily renting technology from another civilization to build tanks or aircrafts and at the same time help decrease the number of science needed to learn that tech for yourselves. Trading maps could be a thing, and could be done in two stages. The first way would be just a map of the area, where you will know things like where the coast is or where cities are, and the second would be a temporary shared vision, where you can see what the other civilizations can see.

The trading of tiles could be a cool addition to the game. It would serve to prevent war too. For example, a border tile could be in contest and one civilization could buy it off the other civilization that has current control over it. Or a more advanced civilization with the ability to see uranium could temporarily take ownership of a certain tile and build a mine there to use the uranium. It can then be returned to the original after x number of turns with the mine still intact. This can create interesting situations like Macau or Hong Kong in the real world.

Colonization and Wide Empires

The Terra map type in Civilization 5 provides the opportunity for civilizations to discover the “new world” and take over it. This usually leads to a tech rush and then a land grab rush. This would be fun to see in the main game, however I think not everyone would like it. Still, the idea of colonizing land on the other side of the ocean is a fun idea. Colonies that far away from the capital could potential be ripe for revolt and turn into a new civilization.

Speaking of colonization, wide empires will need to be more viable in Civilization 6. In Civilization 5, wide empires are unwieldy and unhappiness cost is damaging. In higher difficulties, tall empires is really the only way to go. With the new amenities system, I hope that wide empires can really be a viable option.


Now that individual cities have happiness levels, if would be interesting to see if Firaxis brings migration into play. Populations from cities with low happiness could migrate to cities with higher happiness, which would help players build new cities and rush them to a high population quickly by managing the happiness. It would also be fun to see population migrating across civilizations, especially if they have open borders and treaties. Warring civilizations could potentially create refugees who flee to peaceful civilizations which might cause unhappiness and economic hits if they are accepted but in the long run would provide more manpower and specialist.

War Exhaustion

War exhaustion is a mechanic from games like Crusader Kings 2 and Europa Universalis 4. It basically boils down to the longer you are in war, the greater the effect it has on your empire. For example, cities would start getting unhappy the longer you are at war. Your units will get demoralized, the productions in your cities will suffer and your citizens might migrate to a peaceful civilization. War exhaustion would linger for a while after the war as it slowly dissipates. This will help players debate whether or not to have war. War exhaustion could also potentially be reduced by certain actions, and fighting a defensive war should be more forgiving for this mechanic, otherwise turtling might be the norm if you have war exhaustion after a previous war and another civilization can take the opportunity to attack when you’re down.

Honorable Mentions: Heresy or Denominations

With religion being a huge focal point in Civilization 6, what with religious victory, holy war and apostles, it would be interesting to see a heresy system make its way into the game. One way to do it is to have a non founder civilization have the option to change one of the beliefs of the religion and thus create a heresy. If the heresy reaches a high enough level or even become the dominant teaching, the heresy could turn into a domination. Some possible way of changing a belief could be through a certain Great Prophet or by becoming the suzerain of religious city states like Jerusalem, which becomes the Holy City of the new heresy.

Those are the ten things I want to see most in Civilization 6, we’re still a few weeks away from release so new information might come out confirming some of these, although I’m not holding on to any hope. What are your thoughts on this, civilization fans? What new features would you like to see in Civilization 6? Let me know in the comments down below.


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