Throne of Glass Book 6 Speculation


EDIT: This post is about what I thought would be Book 6, but turned out to be Book 7 of the Throne of Glass series, after Tower of Dawn got bumped up into a full length novel.

Okay, first things first, I was planning to change this to “Thoughts on Book 6” but I already made the feature image and was too lazy to change it. Besides, speculation sounds catchier. 🙂

Also, SPOILER ALERT!!!!! Please leave now if you haven’t read Empire of Storms. Or if you haven’t read the first four books. Though if you’ve already read Empire of Storms, I’ve no idea why you haven’t read the first four books.

Let’s start with the obvious one. The sacrifice that is needed to recharge Eye of Elena. At the end of Empire of Storms, we are left thinking that Aelin will sacrifice herself in Book 6 in order to recharge the Eye. I seriously hope it doesn’t end that way. I feel like there must be a Galathynius on the Terrasen throne, otherwise it just feels so unfulfilling after being promised for so many books that we were headed for a Terrasen revival. Rowan ruling just doesn’t feel right.

Here’s a few way I could see this one going. Aelin does die and someone else takes the throne. Maybe Darrow, maybe a united eastern continent with Dorian as its king, maybe Rowan.

Or the sacrifice could have already been fulfilled. Aelin’s death and resurrection by Elena could be enough. Elena’s own sacrifice of her afterlife could also be a possibility. (Though if I remember correctly, the Eye has an indicator of whether it has a charge and it seemed to still be uncharged.)

Aside from Aelin, there are other heirs to Elena’s bloodline. And with them other candidates that could be sacrifices. Dorian is one of them. Though I doubt Aelin would willingly pass the burden to Dorian. It would have to be Dorian’s own initiative to do it. Dorian also has a brother, Hollin. And as with Dorian, I doubt Aelin would let Hollin do it, and Dorian certainly won’t. So unless someone like Rowan, someone who would do anything to keep Aelin safe or just that Aelin is otherwise unable to sacrifice herself, I don’t think Dorian or Hollin would be sacrificed.

I do think that there will be some main character deaths though, seeing as Maas has killed a few of them. Nehemia being one of the major ones. But considering the innumerable close calls they’ve had, it’s a surprise so many of them has made it this far.

Next, there’s the matter with Aelin’s army and Darrow’s faction. Will they be returning to Terrasen? If that’s the case, won’t they clash with one another again? Will Lysandra be able to pull off Aelin’s disguise properly? And if she fails, pushing Rowan’s claim as the king would be difficult task already, but he’ll likely be absent, seeing as he’s off hunting for Aelin. Unless of course, when Lysandra and Aedion are in the great final debate with the lords of Terrasen, Rowan crashes the party with a wounded Aelin in his arms, having successfully rescued her from Maeve just in time. Aelin, though wounded, would begin berating the rest of the attendees with fiery anger. One could dream.

There’s also the storyline around Manon and the Crochans. I expect that Manon will face challenges in uniting the Crochans, but with her Thirteen and Elide alongside her, I think she would succeed. There’s also her contention with Ansel of Briarcliff on who would rule over the Wastes. I believe they would play nice, or at least end their squabble for a time while the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

As for Chaol and Nesryn, we’ll have to wait and see what the novella tells us, but I sure that they will aid their friends. Questions remain on whether it would be alone, or with the South on their backs. I’m not too convince that the South would help right now, though things could change.

Ultimately, here’s what I hope it would be. It would start like Return of the Jedi and end like the Deathly Hallows. For those of you who haven’t watch or read either work, SPOILER ALERT! Return of the Jedi starts with Luke Skywalker and his friends attempting to rescue Han Solo and succeeds. I imagine Rowan “jedi mind tricking” his way into wherever Maeve is and gets captured, escapes and frees Aelin before Maeve can finish what she wants to do to her. Deathly Hallows ends with us thinking that Harry has to die, but we later find out that he actually does die, but not in the way we imagined and he survived the events of the book.

That’s my thoughts on what the last book would be like. What are your thoughts on theories on how the Throne of Glass series would end? I would love to hear them!


13 thoughts on “Throne of Glass Book 6 Speculation

  1. Some interesting thoughts! I’m also hoping for a Deathly Hallows kind of ending, where Aelin does sacrifice herself, but is resurrected somehow. Another possibility (and one I’m fearing) is that she may not be back in time and that Dorian will choose to sacrifice himself. (I love Dorian, so I hope this does not happen) I don’t think anyone will force him to do it, but it is completely possible that he chooses to do this himself.
    I’m really interested to see how Manon’s story will play out – one book does not seem like enough time to gather a crochan army, break the curse, beat her grandmother and install herself as queen. (though I still hope that all happens) I think she will play nice with Ansel, though I’m not sure if Ilias will be so forgiving of Ansel.
    I have a feeling Chaol and Nesryn will be swooping in with a Southern army at the last moment to save the day, though I do think it would be more interesting to see them fail with the army but think of another way to help anyway.

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    • Thanks! I just can’t bear the thought of Aelin dying permanently 😦 Dorian isn’t that much better too, but I’d pick Aelin over him. Hopefully everyone makes it out alive though.
      I haven’t thought about how much ground Manon’s story will have to cover. Might be she’ll just gather the crochan army and fight the “final battle” leaving the curse unresolved? She’ll probably fight her grandmother at the “final battle” too.
      Aelin’s makeshift army really is susceptible to infighting. It makes for good story, I guess, but it’s going to be hard to watch them if they tear themselves apart when the enemy is on the horizon. There’s also Darrow’s faction to contend with. So much story, I wonder if the last book is going to be very huge or there might be a 7th book? Not sure how I feel about a 7th.
      Hopefully the novella will deal with Chaol and Nesryn and whatever help they bring. Book 6 will be packed enough as it is!


  2. First of all, I am actually majorly pissed on Aelin getting captured by the immortal dark-bitch queen. As I was looking forward to reading about Aelin going “In yo face!! Old man!” To Darrow when she returned with a big-ass army. But nevertheless, I hope that Aelin does get rescued quickly. I wouldn’t even mind if Queen Maas hurried through it.
    Second, I hope that Fenrys gets freed from the blood oath and joins Aelin’s court.
    Third, I also hope that at the end of the book, Aelin’s sacrifices and greatness gets revealed to the whole world. As well as dark-bitch queen’s conniving evil plots that will make everybody turn on her and she will finally(!) die.
    That’s pretty much it. Just those 2 major things. (Please come true!) 😩🙏


  3. I’ve been thinking about those mortal/immortal couples – Elide&Lorcan, Aedion&Lyssandra (Manon&Dorian maybe, but I expect some major plot twists there). Have you actually seen a story, where such couple gets a happy ending without the mortal somehow turned immortal?
    Even in SJM’s other series, they all got transformed.
    Maybe Elide with her witch ancestry can have longer life, but what about Lyssandra? It was hinted, that Aedion might have fae immortality.
    I would so want them to end up together, but how long would they have, if they all survive this war? Couple of decades till Elide and Lyssandra die while Lorcan and Aedion stay the same…
    That’s why I think one or more of these four will die. Epic, heroic, sacrificing themselves for their friends.


    • I imagine Lorcan giving up his immortality to live out a mortal life with Elide. Could be wrong, but that’s where I see that going.


  4. I feel as if that Feyre from A court of thorns and roses is going to enter Aelins world because at the end of A court of wings and ruin they did mention there would be more to it. I am really hoping that Aelin might go back to Chaol but Rowan is Aelin’s true mate. I also have a idea that Aelin might die but after she has a child and Rowan is attached to that child almost as if its the one thing that is keeping him alive now. I don’t know im just rambling at this point.

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    • I’ve yet to read the ACOTAR series, so I’ve no idea how they might be involved, but I’m always game for crossovers. It will be interesting to see how Maas does it if it does happen.
      Aelin and Rowan having a child is definitely a possibility. It would certainly cement Rowan’s legitimacy as king. And I can totally see that as the definite reason that Rowan would remain after Aelin’s death. Oh, and a future spinoff series featuring their child could be a possibility too!


  5. I have an insane theory wherein Aelin doesn’t die, but becomes mortal. I noticed that there is no mention of Brannon having a carranaman while Aelin has one (not to mention VERY powerful) in the name of Rowan. I’m guessing having another reserve of power like Rowan’s will make a difference on how things will turn out in the final book. My hope is that, somehow, they merge their power but since so much is needed to restore the key, they yield their immortality. Kind of the same Mala does when they forged the Eye of Elena. Can anyone blame me for hoping Rowaelin has a happy ending after everything they’ve been through??? 😢


  6. I REALLY hope that Maeve doesn’t sail to some other, random world/place/island with random people. It doesn’t need to get any more complicated. PLEASE just go to some place on the map, instead of a randomly created place with weirdos. Or just a random place without anyone is better than a random place with strangers.


  7. 1. I see two paths with the Lock…Either Dorian voluntarily dies to make it work or Aelin “sort of dies” Deathly Hallows style – for example, gives up her immortality but gets to live out a mortal life with Rowan (who probably also had to give up his immortality).
    2. We can’t have all of them be happy couples, so who’s going to bite it? Lorcan is a tragic figure, so he’ll probably die, probably just after Elide forgives him. Manon and Dorian seem like a long shot. Dorian will probably die to make the lock work. I like Aedion and Lyssandra’s chances. Chaol and Yrene are certainly permanently linked in life or death. They will probably survive. Nesryn and Sartaq are a very safe bet to survive and return to rule the Southern Continent. Rowan and Aelin are permanently linked but I predict they will die together or at least have to give up their immortality.
    3. There is so much going right for Aelin’s armies at the end of Empire of Storm. Just imagine the unrevealed nasties Erawan has waiting for them to put the outcome of the war in doubt.
    4. There is no such thing as a good Yellowlegs Witch. They all go down with Erawan!
    5. So the gods don’t belong in our world? They were let in through the Wyrdgate,too, along with other kinds of monsters? And our world is going to be a better world when we send them back and are left with no gods? I like the pro-Atheist slant.
    6. I see Dorian at the center of the action in the 7th book more than Aelin. This is his time to shine and refine his control of his powers, while Aelin is off locked in a box and Rowan is racing around with his cadre trying to rescue her. And also, possibly, Dorian makes the big sacrifice in the end.
    7. It’ll be interesting to see who survives. So far, Nehemiah has been about the only major good character to die.
    8. What’s up with those sex scenes? It’s like Maas is just having fun trying out a different genre for a few pages. I don’t think they add much.


  8. Anyone else think there may be a possibility Maeve recharges the eye instead?

    Idk like by accident or she was tricked or maybe she has a change of heart.


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