New Civilizations I Want to See in Civilization 6


Now that we know all the civilizations that will be included in the base Civilization 6 game, and have a hint (Poland) about what’s coming in the future DLCs, I thought it would be fun to list out 10 civilizations I want to see introduced to the game in the coming years. I’ve made sure to exclude any civilizations that have appeared in 5, which is the only Civilization game I’ve played. Other than that, anything goes.

I’ve also attempted to put in some reasons why I want each civilization in the game, as well as a brief suggestion on what their role in game might. Since I’m not a historian, do take whatever I say with a grain of salt and correct me if my assumptions are wrong.

Malacca Sultanate

As a Malaysian, I’m totally bias with this one here, but I’ve always wanted to see the Malacca Sultanate represented in games. The Sultanate ruled over the Malacca straits and much of modern day West Malaysia and some parts of Sumatra. It served as an important trading port between China, India and Arabia.

Game wise, I would love to see a trade focused, sea power for Malacca using the skills of the Orang Laut (Sea People) to bring the seas under their control. The Leader is definitely Mahmud Shah, if we go by Civilization 6’s theme of rulers who are larger than life with big personalities. He is associated with the Puteri Gunung Ledang myth, where the princess of Mount Ledang gives him 7 impossible tasks to complete if he wants to marry her.

Indus Valley Civilization


Ruins of Mohenjo-Daro

One of the earliest known civilization to man, the Indus Valley prospered between 2600-1900 BCE. Indus Valley is in modern day North Western India and Pakistan. They are perhaps best known for their structured cities and pacifism. There is no evidence of war for over a period of 2000 years and cities like Harappa shows no signs of siege damage. However, one issue with the Indus Valley is that it is not well documented. There are no known rulers at the time. In fact, it’s not known whether Indus Valley was a single entity or each city were separated.

Game wise, the Indus Valley civilization could be one focused on city building. Bonuses to amenities and population growth could be a potential way to do it. While there are no known leaders, a potential Leader Agenda could be a disdain for war and warmongers and they would focus on keeping the peace in the continent they are on.


The Timurid Empire covers modern day Iran, Afghanistan and much of Central Asia. Though technically descendants of the Mongol Empire, the Timurids were mostly an Islamic nation. Lead by Tamerlane, or Timur, they aimed to restore the former Mongol Empire to its glory. Timur is also the last of the nomadic conquerors from the Eurasian Steppes.



Game wise, the Timurids might mostly be regarded as a militaristic civilization, Timur is also known as a patron of art and architecture. The Timurid Empire was a center of Islamic scholarship. There is really no better leader choice than Timur for the Timurid Empire.



The Taj Mahal

The Mughals are an empire based on modern day in India. Its founder Babur claims ancestry from both Genghis Khan and Timur from his mother and father respectively. Their end came at the British East India Company after the forced abdication of their emperor who was exiled for treason. The empire was turned into the British Raj.

I don’t know much about the Mughals, but I’ve always been fascinated by the tales of riches of the empire. Taj Mahal, for example, is built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. And Mughals were also known for their treasure fleets, such as the one that was hijacked by Henvy Every, the Ganj-i-sawai. So I suppose an empire that can generate massive amounts of wealth and with a focus on wonders could be a choice for the Mughals. Shah Jahan would be a good choice for a leader as he is a pretty interesting character, which would fit in with Civilization 6’s theme of rulers.


The Mali Empire reigned in West Africa from 1230 to 1600 CE. It is known for its wealth, with leaders like Musa the 10th Mansa of Mali who is said to be the richest man who ever lived, with a net worth thought to be around 400 billion in 2012 US dollars. This is because Mali was at the time the primary source of gold in the world.


Mansa Musa in Civilization 4

Needless to say, I think that Musa Keita I should be the leader of Mali. Stories are told of when he went on his Pilgrimage to Mecca, he gave away his gold to the poor of the cities. The result was a devaluing of gold in the region for the next decade. Mali should also be a civilization that focuses on luxury resource to generate wealth. It could be possible that if Mali trades with another civilization without a luxury resource they have, Mali earns extra gold per turn.

Holy Roman Empire


Imperial Banner

The Holy Roman Empire covers much of modern day central Europe, from Germany to Northern Italy and from Eastern France to Austria. The emperor is an elected office, chosen out of all the different kings and dukes of the empire. It existed for a thousand years from 800 to 1800 BCE, depending on which historian you agree with when it comes to the formation of the empire. It’s often regarded as the second Rome, you know, despite the Romans still existing in Constantinople during much of the HRE’s existence.

Charlemagne, or Charles the Great, the first emperor of the HRE was crowned by Pope Leo III. He is definitely a larger than life figure. And I think with its ties to the Pope and subsequent crusades, HRE should also be a religion focused civilization. There is one argument against its inclusion though, since Frederik Barbarossa, an emperor of HRE, is already in the game as a leader of Germany.

Papal States

Speaking of the Pope, another civilization I would love to see added is the Papal States. It covered a small part of modern day Italy from Rome all the way to the western edge of the Venitian Republic. And as the name suggest, it is ruled by the Pope.

With Religious Victory being one of the victory condition, I think it would be very appropriate to have the Papal States in the game. They could be a religion based civilization with perks for religious warfare.

Gran Colombia

Gran Colombia covers much of modern day northern South America and parts of Central America. It is formerly the New Granada Viceroyalty of Spain. The republic only lasted for 10 years, and fell to internal struggle but for a time, it was the symbol of independence from colonial rule.


Simon Bolivar

I could see no other leader for Gran Colombia other than Simon Bolivar, he is regarded as an instrumental figure in most of the northern South American nations. As a civilization, I would love to see a Gran Colombia focused on city states friendship and Bolivar having an agenda revolving around keeping those city states from conquest. He would hate those who conquer city states and attempt to liberate them whenever he could.


The Akkadian Empire is the earliest empire known to men. The empire spanned modern day Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Lebanon and parts of Turkey and Iran. It also united the Sumerians and the Akkadians under one ruler. Assyria and Babylon would eventually succeed the empire.

The most recognizable leader of Akkad is probably Sargon. He is the emperor who united the lands, mostly through conquest as he expanded the border of Akkad to Syria and Iran. As such, Akkad should be a conquest focused civilization.



Temple of Bel Ruins in 2010. Only the archway remains standing today.

Palmyra is an ancient desert oasis city in modern day Syria. It perhaps best known for its location on the Silk Road, a prefect rest stop in the middle of the Syria desert. It is also influential in ensuring Rome survive passed the 2nd Century CE, when King Odaenathus rallied all the troops he could find to fight off the Sassanid Empire when the Roman Emperor, Valerian, was captured. Though technically within the borders of Rome, Palmyra was never under Roman rule.

A possible leader for Palmyra could be Zenobia, who ruled Palmyra after Odaenathus and turned into a sizable empire stretching from Syria to Egypt. As for their role in the game, Palmyra could be another trade focused civilization, with emphasis on land routes. Palmyra is also known for its architecture, and at one point the Temple of Bel is considered one of the best preserved ruins before its destruction by ISIS. Only the archway now remains. Thankfully, the Syrian Army has recaptured the site.

Those are ten civilizations I want to see included in Civilization 6 eventually. There are dozens of other civilizations I want to see too, but there just too many to include, and the ones I’ve chosen are some that I think have potential in interacting with the systems that have been confirmed thus far. What are your thoughts on these civilizations? What civilization would you want to be introduced into the game? Let me know in the comments down below. And with this, the short Civilization 6 series has come to an end (we’re still around 20 days away from release date!)


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