Ten Characters I’d Name a Pet After

ten-names-for-petsTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by the folks at the Broke and the Bookish. Each week has a different theme where participants try to come up with ten things to fit the theme.

This week is Ten Characters I’d Name a Child/Dog/Cat/Car/Etc. After. I chose to do one about pets. Disclaimer, I’ve never own any pets. I might have a fish or two before, but I don’t I actually owned them. My parents were the ones to feed them and change the water, etc. Not sure I’m ready to be responsible for another life. I have trouble handling my own.

Also, most of the names on this list are from fantasy works. I don’t think those are the kind of names you would want to name a child. If you are named after fantasy character, or knows of anyone who is, let me know in the comments. I would love to hear your story and experience with it. I heard that there were a lot of Khaleesis in the wake of Game of Thrones. Might change my mind about it. In any case, these are some characters I would name my pet after.

Kaladin and Sylphrena (Stormlight Archive)

Kal and Syl are a human-spren duo in the Stormlight Archive. Their names are both have a nice look and sound to them. I would definitely name two pet siblings, like cats or dogs, after them.

Palom and Porom (Final Fantasy IV)

Palom and Porom are twin mages from the game Final Fantasy IV. I would also name two pet siblings after them. I’m thinking two hamsters with opposing colors. Like one would be brown with white spots and the other one would be white with brown spots.

Lopen (Stormlight Archive)

Lopen is a character from the Stormlight Archive. He’s a one armed Herdazian with many cousins. I’d name an amputee rabbit after him, because he’s one-armed, plus Lopen sounds kinda like leaping meets hopping.


Dobby (Harry Potter)

I’d name a Sphynx cat after Dobby. I mean just look at them.

Hermione (Harry Potter)

I love the name Hermione. It’s definitely something I would consider naming a child after. Technically Hermione is a name from Greek mythology, so I guess it isn’t necessarily a fantasy name. As for pets, it’ll probably be a brown/ginger Maine Coon cat or some other bushy cat.


Ancalagon the Black (Silmarillion)

Ancalagon the Black is the most bad ass dragon in Tolkien’s Legendarium. I would name a black Rottweiler Ancalagon the Black. I imagine a scenario where there’s a few home invaders threatening my house and I would be like “sic ‘em, Ancalagon!” and feel like a badass dark lord doing that. Or a falcon. That sounds even more bad ass.

Rhaegar Targaryen (A Song of Ice and Fire)

Rhaegar is one of my favorite names in A Song of Ice and Fire. I used to think it was pronounced Yaegar, like the drink, I don’t know why, but the right way to pronounce is more awesome. Not sure what kind of pet I would name as Rhaegar. Maybe a Golden Retriever? Not exactly the same hair color, but close enough.


Luthien Tinuviel (Silmarillion)

Luthien Tinuviel is another name I love a lot. Sounds nice, looks nice. This is the name I’d most likely consider naming a child after. Probably a middle name at most though. As for a pet, I’d name a nightingale after Luthien. Tinuviel means nightingale after all.

Celaena Sardothien (Throne of Glass)

Celaena Sardothein is another name I love. Any variations of Selene or Selena for that matter. I’ve always loved that name since reading the Great Hunt (Wheel of Time #2) and watching Underworld. Not sure what kind of pet I would name after her. Maybe a black cat. Sneaky, little assassins of mice.

Elayne (Wheel of Time)

Speaking of Wheel of Time… I think Elayne is the best name from the series to name a child. I mean Mat is technically okay too, except that it’s short for Matrim. As for the name as a pet’s name. A baby lion, maybe? She is the Queen of Andor, whose sigil is a lion. Though I’m not sure lion would be good pets, seeing as they might eat you and everything.

Those are some names I would considering naming pets. What kind of names would you choose for your pets? Would you name your kids after fantasy characters? Let me know in the comments down below.

54 thoughts on “Ten Characters I’d Name a Pet After

  1. Oh my gosh this is such a cute idea! I named my black cat Binx after Thackery Binx from Hocus Pocus lol but I LOVE Raegar for a dog! That’s such a cute idea! I’m going to have to get creative- my bf and I daydream about getting a chocolate lab in the future… I’m going to have to think of some awesome character names 🙂

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  2. Great list! I picked different names from the same books (LOL) your pick is better than mine. Glad to run into another fellow Asoiaf, Silmarillion and WoT reader! I am planning to read the Mistborn and Stormlight books soon, I will check your reviews on those for sure!

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    • Thanks! Your picks are awesome too! Yay!! I don’t know a lot of bloggers who’ve read Silmarillion and WoT, so we’re like needles in a haystack! I hope you get to them! Stormlight in particular is very good 🙂 Third book is coming out next year!

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  3. What a great article! I love that Dobby Sphynx cat! Hermione is also a great unique pet name. It’s so different, unlike the names Ron and Harry! I also think Palom and Porom would make adorable names for twin pets!

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  4. If I ever meet a woman silly enough to marry a careless dreamer, I’d very much be interested in naming our daughter after Vin. There’s a TON I’d be open to. At conventions, and on Sanderson’s Blog, I’ve heard about a great many characters named from Wheel of Time being used as baby names. I think it’s more and more common actually. I’ll be interested to see what my students are named in 15 years. The last person I met whose name lined up with a book though didn’t like the book. I’d hate to make my child not love a series because his/her name was from it. Nice names!

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    • Vin is definitely a good name, though I do feel it’s somewhat masculine. It would be interesting to see in 15 years! I’ve heard that a ton of people named their kid Khaleesi when Game of Thrones became popular. So maybe in 9 years or so you might have a Khaleesi in you class! That would suck, it’s things like that that make me wonder about naming kids after fantasy book characters. Thanks!

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  5. Oh some of these names are super cool! And like 99% of them I have no idea how you’d pronounce. 😂 But I looove the name Hermione and I’d totally call a kid it! Although she’d be pretty much branded as a HP name forever heheh. And Dobby would make a BEST cat. I agree. *nods*

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    • They are really hard to pronounced! 😂 Hopefully she’ll like HP, I mean, if she doesn’t, I think it’s ground to consider disowning her. Haha. Dobby would be a BEST cat 🙂


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