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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by the folks at the Broke and the Bookish. Each week has a different theme where participants try to come up with ten things to fit the theme.

This week is Top Ten Books I Wish Had (More/Less) X In Them. I decided to go with something a little different, which was Ten Series I Wished Had More Books. Turns out, it was harder than I thought it was going to be, owing to the fact that many of my favorite series that came to mind were either ongoing, had a sequel that came out recently that I haven’t got to or will be have a sequel/companion/spinoff coming out very soon. Or soon-ish. The Raven Cycle, the Lunar Chronicles and the Old Kingdom series came to mind, for example. It’s great to be a fan of those series but it makes it difficult to create this list. So added a few standalones into the list and switched up the title. Anyway, here’s what I managed to dig up.


A Memory of Light

But Jamie, Wheel of Time already has 14 books! IT’S NOT ENOUGH! Okay, maybe it’s a little too much. A few subplots here and there could be cut off and the series as a whole could use a nice trimming BUT there’s still so many stories to be told in that world. Ever since I’ve heard of a possible sequel featuring Mat and Tuon, I’ve been imagining what it would be like. A man who doesn’t want to be a lord becoming the Emperor of an entire continent would be a fascinating story. And their relationship with each other has always been interesting to read too. I won’t say no to more of Perrin and Faile either. How would their relationship work, with one being basically the Lord of the Two Rivers and the other the Queen of Saldaea. I will say no to Rand though. I think Wheel of Time had Rand’s story tied up in a nice little bow. I won’t say no to a cameo here and there, but not as a major character. And I’m dying to know who the hell Nakomi is.


Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits’s ending left me wanting more. Like most Rainbow Rowell books. But with Kindred Spirits being a novella, I can see a few ways the story could be expanded. I just really want to see Elena and Gabe starting a Star Wars fanclub in their school and go about on some Star Wars hijinks.


Return of the King

It’s not always a good idea to mess with a classic, especially after so many years have passed, but I’ll always be wondering what Tolkien could have done with the New Shadow if he had went ahead and wrote it. It was supposed to be set around 105 years after the fall of the Dark Tower, during a time when Aragorn’s son Eldarion is the King of the Reunited Kingdoms. There were mentions of a Dark Tree, which makes me think about Ungoliant and the Trees of Valinor, which I feel would be an interesting turn of events if they were related. Plus if Dagor Dagorath happens in this supposed sequel, it would be epic to see the various heroes like Earendil and Turin Turambar come together to defeat Melkor once and for all.


Paper Towns

I’ve been on the fence on this one. I really loved the ending and I feel like having a sequel would ruin it, but at the same time, I kinda want to see what happens to Q and Margo after they left Agloe. On the other hand, I felt the same way about the Last of Us and was absolutely ecstatic when the sequel was announced. So I think it’ll be the same for Paper Towns.



I know there’s one coming sometime in the not-so-soon future, but I think it would be interesting to revisit Alagaesia. What Eragon has learned in his journey and how to the world has changed would be interesting to see. Plus there’s still questions unanswered, like what the Menoa Tree took from Eragon, that Paolini has said will be answered in V.



There are many books in Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere and many sequels in it. There are a few standalones and even those aren’t likely stay that way for too long, but I do want a Warbreaker posthaste. Presumably the book will be about Vasher and Vivenna’s journey as well as unveil details about the Five Scholars and how Vasher was separated from Nightblood. I will miss Lightsong though.


The Cursed Child

While I have mixed feelings about the Cursed Child, it was a great nostalgic trip for me. And if any sequels are able to give me the same feeling, sign me up for it. I just can’t say no to the golden trio.


The Amber Spyglass

There are talks about the possibility of a new addition to the His Dark Material series for the longest time. We get a drop of info here and there and, well, it’s been 16 years since the Amber Spyglass was released. I would really love to return to the world of HDM and to visit Lyra and her Oxford once more. I do hope see gets a chance to see Will again. It would be sad if there is a sequel and Will isn’t in it too. In the mean time, we’ll have BBC’s upcoming His Dark Material TV adaptation. Though once again, it’s been a while since the last bit of news. Sigh.

And that’s all from me today. Are there any books you would love to read a sequel of? What do you want it to be about? Let me know in the comments down below 🙂


5 thoughts on “Books I Wish Had a Sequel

  1. Great list! I agree, I would be curious to see what would have come after Lord of the Rings! And I didn’t know there is gonna be a new book in the Inheritance series! Means I need to re-read and catch up with Inheritance soon 🙂


  2. Ooh, a sequel to The Return of the King. I couldn’t imagine it, but interesting regardless. I can get behind a sequel to Harry Potter. I actually enjoyed Cursed Child, and wouldn’t mind seeing the next generation of wizards have their own adventures, with callbacks to the real series of course!


  3. Nice list! I read the first 3 books of WoT, but picked up some other books after 3 and once I finish Red Sister by Mark Lawrence I will dive right back into WoT.


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