Our 2¢ On: Rogue One: a Star Wars Story

2cents-rogue-oneGood day everyone, it’s been more than half a year since the last Our 2¢ post, and this one has been gestating for a while. I just haven’t gotten to editing it (sorry, Max!) This time around we’ll be discussing our thoughts on Rogue One: a Star Wars story. Our 2¢ is Max’s idea, and I thought it would be fun to do. The format is simple, each of us answers several short questions about the film. WARNING: There will be some spoilers ahead, so be advised.

First, a summary: Rogue One is set just before the events of Episode 4: a New Hope. The Rebel Alliance is on shaky ground and they are trying to figure out what kind of superweapon the Empire is building. In comes Jyn Erso, daughter of one of the chief scientist working on the Death Star. He has sent a cryptic message telling them how to find the weakness of the Death Star. Jyn and her motley crew attempts the impossible and infiltrate the highly protected Archives where the secret to the Death Star’s destruction lays.


Rogue One: Good or Bad?

Jamie > It was good. More than just good. My initial impression was that it was a good movie, but the more I think about it, the more I grew to love it. I felt the first act of the film was poor, mainly because there were a lot of quick cuts to set up the story of Jyn Erso and her family. But once Jyn, Cassian and K-2SO teamed up, the rest of the movie was excellent and the final third of the film was just superb. I really love how well the film links to A New Hope too. It certainly casts a lot of plot points in that film in a different light. Although some scenes are cast in a poorer light, I think it’s safe to say that A New Hope has become a better film because of Rogue One.

One major downside of the film was the poor score. I felt something was off early in the film and as the film progressed I remembered that this wasn’t scored by John Williams. It lacked a certain “Star Wars” feel to it and as it result felt strange in the world. Another poor side of the film, I feel was the characters. Or rather the lack of screentime for a number of them. Outside of Jyn, I don’t feel like I know the characters well enough to be impacted by their struggles and death. But seeing that it’s already over two hours long, I’m not sure what they could have done otherwise.

Max > As a Star Wars fan, I love it. I agree with Jamie about the score, it feels like a discounted John William score, but I’m not complaining. Overall, the score is still good, it’s just not the epic score that every Star Wars fan expects.

Favorite Moment?

> It’s a tie for me between the Hammerhead Corvette scene and the Darth Vader corridor scene. Both were very well done and were exciting to watch. The latter in particularly just oozes a sense of fear that Darth Vader imposes that I feel has been lacking in the other films, especially the prequels.

> Darth Vader scene. Hands down, the best scene. Never a scene made me so excited and terrified at the same time.

Least Favorite Moment?

> The “torture” scene where Saw Gerrera sics a monster on Bodhi. It’s bad. Very bad. It was early in the film and I almost chalked the film up as bad after this scene. The monster was weird. The scene had no impact on the film. It could easily have been removed with no affect to the plot. Wasn’t Bodhi suppose to go insane after being probed by the monster? Did Cassian somehow heal him while calling out to him in the jail? Or was it Chirrut and the Force? I was half expecting Bodhi to turn on the crew at some point.

> The scene where C-3PO and R2-D2 appears. I know, I know, it’s only a small scene and it’s only fanservice. But it kinda feels out of place and feels forced. But only this small scene annoys me which shows how much I love this film.

JWhile I didn’t mind the C-3po and R2-D2 scene, I do think that they have got to try to curb the cameos a little. It will be nice for the first few films because we’re still relatively “new” on the getting back to the “Star Wars glory days” part of the ride but it’s going to get old if they keep doing it.


Favorite New Character?

> I’m inclined to say K-2SO, but he reminds me a little too much of Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory. I’m not entirely sold on Jyn and Cassian is just an asshole. So I guess it would be Chirrut. There’s just so many great one liners from him. “Are you kidding me? I’m blind” makes me chuckle every time.

> Orson Krennic. I have a thing for the Empire (Empire did nothing wrong!) and Ben Mendelsohn’s character made me to stay even more loyal to the Empire. You don’t get a lot of non-force sensitive villains like him as the main villain in a Star Wars movie. And he also can be seen wearing an unusual white cape, can see how much he loves to stand out from a crowd.

JKrennic was a great addition to the universe. Though I had wished they had gone with a more intimidating Krennic, I do ultimately think that this Krennic really plays off villains like Tarkin and Vader well.

CGI Characters. Yay or Nay?

> I know some people feel the opposite way, but I felt Tarkin’s was well done while Leia’s felt a little off. Maybe I’m more familiar with Carrie Fisher’s face. Peter Cushing has only been in one film in the franchise after all. Leia’s smile was what threw me off entirely. I was hoping that it would end with just her lowering her headscarf and showing her famous buns instead of revealing her face.

> When Tarkin’s scene first appear, I thought the CGI was done quite unrealistically and robotic, but as the movie progress, I thought it looked more realistic and I could not differentiate whether it is CGI or not anymore. I also agree with Jamie’s opinion on Leia, it would be better if her scene would be a few seconds shorter in my opinion.

Favorite Easter Egg/Fan Service Moments?

>There’s too many to choose from, but I did get excited seeing references to the Star Wars: Rebels series even though it was just for a few seconds.

> Vader’s lair. I wish we could see more of this. I have so many questions about this. How often does Vader use the bacta tank? What else he has in his lair? Why did he choose his lair to be built on Mustafar? Does Kylo Ren go to Vader’s Lair in the future?


Are You Looking Forward to More Star Wars Stories? What Other Spin-offs would You Like to See?

>Yes please, sign me up for me. Can’t wait for Han’s solo film. Having Donald Glover as Lando has me all the more excited for it. As for what other spin offs I would like to see, a film focused on Darth Vader’s Jedi extermination hunt would be interesting. That last corridor scene really makes me think that there could be a sort of horror, very R-rated movie about Jedi survivors trying to escape Darth Vader’s inevitable arrival. It would cast him further into a terrifying light and we get to see more lightsaber duels while at it.

> Yes. I will never say no to more Star Wars film. As an Obi-Wan Kenobi fan, I really hope for an Obi-Wan Kenobi film, seeing him copping on leaving his Jedi adventures behind, seeing Logan trailer makes me want to have an Obi-Wan film to have a similar feel to it. Besides that, I would really want to see Republic Commando film, more dark and gritty Star Wars film please.

> A Obi-Wan film that is Logan-esque would be a good match! I can just see him sort of regretting training Anakin for all the destruction he has brought to the Jedi while doing what he can to make sure some of them survives. Might be a good match with the Darth Vader Jedi extermination film I was thinking about. 


2 thoughts on “Our 2¢ On: Rogue One: a Star Wars Story

  1. I also thought the first act was poor, and the movie got better towards the end. Unfortunately, I was spoiled going into it so I wasn’t as shocked by the end, but I imagine that was a big reason everyone loved the movie. That corridor scene though. Yes! I wasn’t a huge fan of the characters, though I agree with Jamie that K-2SO was the best out of them.

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