Monthly Wrap-Up: April

monthly wrap up

Hello everyone, how has your April been? April was a great time for me, especially considering how the past three months have been. Most of it I put down to the amount of work holidays I had in April. A whole week off my night job and 3 days off my day job. That’s a whole lot of R&R. I finally officially graduated last month too, with the ceremony, the cert and everything. A pretty boring affair, considering I’m the only person I know who is graduating on that day, but still I think it has some significance to it. I’ve officially closed the last page on that chapter of my life and honestly, it was a closure that I didn’t really knew I needed. It kind of pushed me into accepting that this is my life now and what matters most is what I make of it.

This month will also be my last month working my night job. Which is bitter sweet in a way. It definitely offered good money but at the same time it took a lot of time and effort. I’m definitely looking forward to the free time I will have once this is over. Though judging from my week’s break, it won’t be as much time as I hope it would be. Still, more time to do my own stuff is always great. This will mean more time to read and write too!

As for the health issue, reports have come out clean! I just have to keep a check on my lifestyle to make sure it doesn’t become an issue later on in life. Honestly, I think it’s the fact that I started working two jobs at once that caused it, though the doctor insisted it wasn’t the case, maybe I just wasn’t explaining it to her correctly. In any case, glad that’s over with.monthly-review-watch

I didn’t do much watching this month. Though there are a lot of movies I want to watch that’s been stacking up like crazy. Logan, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Beauty and the Beast among others. Hopefully I’ll get to them sooner rather than later. I wonder when they’ll be available online, since some of them are already off the local cinemas.


April Games

I played a lot of Horizon: Zero Dawn, which is a pretty great game, though story wise it doesn’t really hook me. I still have to finish the main quest line and do some clean up for the platinum trophy. Will definitely do a review on this, so keep an eye out for that. Dragon Quest Builders is like MineCraft with quests and a storyline. I really like this one, though the linearity of it does put me off a little. There’s so the huge issue with not carrying forward what you’ve built between levels. I finished the first level and will definitely be back to complete the game in the not too distant future. Hopefully.

I’ve spend most of April with Persona 5. It’s amazing, though it doesn’t quite hit the mark as its predecessor did. I found the character moments a little less impactful than those in Persona 4 and there’s a lack of “outings” with the crew. Still, can’t deny the visuals though. The game just oozes style. And the soundtrack? Nothing short of godly. I picked up Gwent towards the end of the month and it’s been occupying a lot of my mind lately. I loved the card game in Witcher 3 and the standalone is better in almost every way. It’s still in closed beta at the moment, so choices are limited and changes are often. So it’s a little bit of a chore to find the latest “working” decks and figure out what the current good cards are. And even then, those good cards might not stay good for too long.


April - read

I didn’t do too much fiction reading last month, but I did read a few personal finance books. Finally graduating and looking at my bank balance and realizing that what happens to it depends on me and me alone? Well, let’s just say I was obsessed with money for a few days in April. Doing some calculations, I realize that I can either choose to get a house or choose to retire, and that’s kind of worrying. Hopefully I’ll get it figure out one day. If there is anything to figure out. Prices of houses have been creeping up every year and salary has mostly stayed stagnant. 30 years of salary at my current job is less than the current cost of a house today. That’s really, really scary. In any case, here are some of the books I read this month.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad, is one of the first personal finance book I ever read. It was introduced to me by a youth group leader and it really changed the way how I viewed money, or more specifically cash flow. I highly recommend it if you’re new to personal finance. It teaches principles through stories, which is always easy to follow, though Kiyosaki does have a tendency to relate things back to real estate, which is his forte. Cashflow Quadrant, is the sequel to Rich Dad, Poor Dad, which talks about four quadrants on where you receive income and how the wealthy typically earn through the Business and Investment quadrants. Not a book I’d necessarily recommend, but still a nice read.

The Behavior Gap talks about how we often know how something works yet we still fall victim to emotional thinking and greed. For example, there’s a recent case here in Malaysia. A well-known pyramid scheme has crumbled and somehow the owner has the gall to come out and introduce a new scheme promising a monthly 35% return on investment. Logically, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Reality, there are still people queuing up to throw money to this guy, despite it being all over the news. *sigh* The Millionaire Next Door talks about how most millionaires in America actually built up their wealth through their small business, things like car workshop, restaurant and sundry shops, and are more likely found in regular housing areas instead of affluent neighborhoods. Your neighbor could be a millionaire without actually looking like one. I’ve not finished reading this yet, but one point I read about really struck me. It talked about how most of these next door millionaires came from poor backgrounds or are first/second generation migrants who worked hard to build their millions, yet they sent their kids to good schools and urge them to become professionals like lawyers and doctors who more often than not aren’t millionaires. Funny how things in life go.

And that’s how my April went. I actually had this post written last week, but a flu bug ambushed me out of the blue and I didn’t had time to edit and create the images for this video. And the rest of the week was tied up with work. Kinda scares me out how fast a week can pass by just because my time is occupied with work. That’s all from me! I hope April has treated you well 🙂


6 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: April

  1. Yay, glad your month was so good and the health issue is dealt with 🙂 That’s a lot off your mind, I’m sure!

    I started considering dropping one of my 2 jobs, because I don’t really need both. I would be perfectly fine with one. The ‘problem’ is only, that I really enjoy both of them 😀

    Definitely go watch Logan and Guardians of the Galaxy 2, they are both awesome!


  2. Congratulations on graduation, this is so great! Also happy to hear you’re feeling better on the health part 🙂
    I can’t wait to watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2 just as well, so exciting! I hope you’ll have a lovely month! 🙂


  3. it’s been a while, jamie!
    i’m glad everything is going alright. congratulations on your graduation!
    i think i’ll be the same two years from now, when i have to start looking for a job and worrying about finances. i’ll probably obsess over it for a while as well. but even if things don’t sound promising at the moment, i wouldn’t worry much about it. i’m sure they can change in the future!
    and on the millionaires theme, i really enjoy watching docummentaries about it. there’s a great one about brazilian billionaires, but i’m afraid they’re very interesting from the stories you mentioned, since most part of them were already born in rich families or got a lucky deal out of nowhere. it’s still interesting to watch, though, hahah.
    i hope you have a great may, jamie! 🙂


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