About Us

Watch Game Read is run by two friends – Jamie and Caleb. It’s where we express our ideas and talk about the things we love, be it movies, TV shows, games or books. No topic is off limits to us, as long as we love writing about it. Hint: Most of it will be nerdy stuff. We just hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.


Stuck somewhat in a limbo between finishing up his candidature, job hunting and pursuing his other interests. He likes reading, gaming and binge watching to the detriment of his social life. Also likes to create as much as he consumes, and as a result has fallen in love with writing and thinking-about-possibly-maybe-making a game one day.

Follow him on twitter at @jamierobinwu


A post grad student currently on the last stage of his candidature. Used to post once a month, but his thesis work has just about beat him within an inch of his life, so any free time he gets is spent on recovering. Will be back as soon as his workload lightens.

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